In this video Sadhguru re-defines truth in existential terms, not in the words you speak but in the way you are. He explains how the essential nature of life is all-inclusive. This is the nature of truth and with absolute inclusiveness there can be no suffering.

Sadhguru: When we talk about truth and untruth, generally we are thinking of truth as a verbal truth that we speak; I spoke a truth or I spoke a lie. These verbal truths or verbal untruth is a more moral ethical issue, it is not an existential issue, a social thing and many times you know there is lot of terrorist attacks going around in the world. You had just one, we have had plenty back home, a hall like this is a terrorist paradise, people packed up like this in one place, you know they can have a maximum impact. This is a good place. No? So, when I was coming just now, I met a terrorist, because everything is quiet here he didn’t know whether the people inside or not he’s trapped up, he asked are there people inside? Do you want me to tell him the truth or untruth. (Laughter) You want me to speak the truth or untruth, what kind of people are you! (laughter) So, what is truth, what is untruth it is not in the words that you speak, it is in the way you hold the life within you.

The nature of existence is such that it’s all inclusive you know. You know the ten horrible people in this class who don’t believe in God but when the sun comes up in the morning, you will have ten black spots falling on them. Hmm, believers have such hopes. Now, once sun comes up in the morning it lights up everybody, isn’t it? What nonsense you believe in or what nonsense you disbelieve in, it doesn’t matter, it just lights up everybody; whoever opens his eyes for him there’s light to see. Who you are, what you are, what you thinking, what you doing, are you this or that? It doesn’t discriminate, whether you are a crawling worm or a big human being, it doesn’t discriminate. So, the essence in nature of life is all inclusive, there is no discrimination. This is the truth. If you sit here like that, absolutely all inclusive, you are in touch with truth, if you have become a prejudiced exclusiveness, this is the untruth.

It is not in the words that you speak, it is in the way you are. Truth is not something that you can say or not say, truth is something either you are in touch with it you are not in touch with it. It’s not your doing, if it’s your doing it must be lie, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? If it was your doing or my doing, it must be a lie isn’t it? That which is true is always… It is in the lap of truth that we exist, it is not something that we say or do. Either we can be in touch with it or we can be unaware of it but still it is working; whether we like it or we don’t like it. In the very breath that we take, we are inclusive, isn’t it? Yes, whether we are willing or unwilling, in the very breath that we inhale and exhale, we are all inclusive, isn’t it? If you become exclusive, truly exclusive, you will be dead but even the dead are inclusive, isn’t it so? The dead will so easily merge with the planet. They are also very inclusive. They are alive or suppose to be consciously inclusive. Dead are dead so they are unconscious and they are inclusive.

A litmus test for you whether you are in touch with truth or not is just this; if there is any kind of suffering in you right now, you are not in touch with truth. If you are in touch with truth, there can be no suffering in you, it’s as simple as that. How deep your suffering is shows how far away from truth you are right now. There are many ways to approach this. We have been trying to open up doors in the last few days, whatever we have been doing here, I have been repeatedly saying this; this is not a teaching, this is just a method. Now saying that my responsibility is limitless, is not a teaching, it’s just a method. If you see that, if you become aware of that, slowly you become all-inclusive just the way life is, like every aspect of life is, inclusive, you also become inclusive. If you are accepting what is there right now absolutely, once again you are inclusive. They are not two different things, just different types of vocabulary that’s all. Essentially, you want to move from exclusiveness to inclusiveness.