The Temple at Delphi, Greece was known as the “navel of the earth” among the ancient Europeans. Among the ancient Greeks, the temple was dedicated to Apollo, the Greek God of healing, music, poetry and a lot more. But according to studies, the temple was built before the beginning of recorded Greek history and was originally a Goddess temple.

In this video, Sadhguru explains the science behind its construction, and mentions a few parallels with South Indian temples.

Sadhguru: Something very powerful sat here. Long long time ago. Still the earth is still rich with that.

Naagendra Haaraya, Trilochanaaya
Bhasmaanga Raghaaya, Maheshwaraaya
Nityaaya Shudhaaya, Digambaraaya
Tasmai Nakaaraya, Namah Shivaaya
Tasmai Nakaaraya, Namah Shivaaya

I am not the first one to do this here.

Speaker: Mhmmm

Sadhguru: There are three chakras. One is the navel. The other two are the supporting chakras of Muladhaara and Swadhistana, which is a fantastic way of doing it. That’s how we’ve done the Bhairvai but in a single form. Here they built like a temple. There are places like this in south India, not this grand but similar system of temples where you build chakras. If you have to do a composite form of all three or all seven, it’s a much bigger challenge but to establish separately like this is so much easier. So whoever came here to consecrate they’re of a certain kind

I am thinking, one little thing on top of the mountain. It’s possible.

If they go into it like this, it’s very much possible, otherwise they could have had a roof here and something on top of the roof which people don’t approach, that is the eighth dimension. If you put up the eighth dimension a complete process. Most probably it’s either in these columns or right on top of the mountain.