Questioner: Namaskaram, Sadhguru. You said that when we do our Shambhavi, we should do it as if it is the last thing we’ll ever do. But often when I do my practices, I am kind of distracted. Could you give me some advice?

Sadhguru: The nature and process of creation are such that when we are born, we are designated to die one day. But the moment you get educated, you are in a constant rush. You are flooded with so much information that you overlook a fundamental information in your body that reminds you that you are mortal. Every beat of your heart tells you, “You may die.” Cardiac problems are the main cause of death in the world, accounting for over 30% of all deaths. 50,000 people die every day worldwide. That means 50,000 hearts will stop beating today. Some will be given shocks in an effort to kick-start them again, but they will fail. Some will die peacefully.

Cash in the bank may take you around the world, but to experience life’s juice, the only currency is involvement.


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Right now, all our hearts are beating, but there is no guarantee that they will still be beating in the next moment. Those who died today did not think that they have to die today. They wanted to live too. They had plans. They thought they would go somewhere tomorrow. But suddenly, the heart stopped. If you pay a little attention to the nature of your life, you will see it is very fragile. In all kinds of situations, young people, old people, all kinds of people pass away. You and I are still here. Let’s enjoy the life process, but let’s also see that we are mortal.

If you know you are mortal, you must do everything in your life – not just Shambhavi – like it is the last thing you do. Look at it like it is the last thing you do – without crying or being emotional about it. Simply remind yourself every moment. Learn to live with death because it is a part of your existence. If you do not consciously live with it, when it comes in front of you once in a way and threatens you, you will freak out. If you were conscious every moment, the value of being alive would be sky-high.


Doing Shambhavi like it is the last thing in your life does not mean you kill yourself doing it. It simply means that the value of life rises in your understanding. If you do not find great value to your life, what is the point in getting up in the morning at the right time, not eating right away and doing all this yoga? Only if you have realized the value of your existence, you want to do something that takes you to your ultimate possibility.

Whatever you do, only if you realize the value of your existence, you will put your everything into it. Otherwise, you will do everything without involvement. The essential reason for lack of involvement is you have not realized the value of your existence. Otherwise, naturally you would put your best into everything you do. Only to the extent that you are involved will life offer you its juice. Cash in the bank may take you around the world, but to experience life’s juice, the only currency is involvement. No involvement, no juice. If you refuse to drink the juice of life, why are you alive?

Every piece of life is here to experience life. The only way to know and experience life is through involvement. If you do not get involved because you do not like the people who are here, and you wait for some ideal people to get involved with, you will see how many problems you will have with those “ideal” people. When you meet God, maybe you can show more involvement, but until then, at least practice involvement with the people who are here now. It does not matter whether the situation is to your liking or not, whether you approve of it or not.

Involvement does not mean you have to do what everyone is doing. Involvement simply means you do not ignore anything. It does not mean you have to do a particular thing – it is the way you are. If you get involved, every moment of your life will be a new opening. Tomorrow morning’s Shambhavi will be a fantastic experience. But having a fantastic experience with Shambhavi is not important. What is important is that every day, it opens up new terrain for you.

Editor’s Note: Sadhguru explores more about the nature of life and death in the ebook “Life and Death in One Breath”, available at Isha Downloads.

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