Q: Sadhguru, your knowing seems to be inexhaustible. Is all this recorded in you or are you just getting it from somewhere?

Sadhguru: Karma is recorded in many ways: memory-wise, sensation-wise, physiology-wise and energy-wise. Similarly with knowledge, some things are transmitted to you on the level of your mind, others on the level of your body. Do you see how once you know how to swim, your body knows it? If you fall into the water, you will swim. You do not have to remember how to ride a bicycle. Once you know how, if you sit on the bicycle, it just goes. Even if you do not ride a bicycle for twenty years and then get on to one, you might be a bit off-balance at first but then you just go, because the memory is in the body. It is no longer in the mind. Transmission is also on many different levels.

I am not carrying the burden of this knowledge when I walk on the street. I do not know anything, but at the same time, I know everything. If you ask me anything concerned with the inner dimensions of a human being, I will come out with the answer, without any hesitation, with absolute clarity. Even if somebody says the Gita is saying something else, I will simply say that maybe Krishna does not know. What can I do about it? It is so crystal-clear within me that it cannot be any other way. It is not that Krishna does not know. It is just that maybe you are not able to see what he is saying.


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Information Stored in Energy

This is not coming from remembrance. This was transmitted in a different way. My association with my Guru was just for a few moments. Somehow, he did not even want to touch me with his foot. He touched me with his walking stick. What cannot be learned in ten lifetimes was transmitted in one moment. It was all there. It was not just about knowing myself. It was also about various technologies, about how and what to do in every aspect, with absolute clarity. When it is transmitted like this, in the form of energy, not in the form of memory or logical understanding, the burden of knowledge is not on you. This is the difference.

Your energy system or pranamayakosha carries stupendous volumes of information, which is so easy to carry and is not burdensome. It is so simple.

People who have studied knowledge become heavy with it. They become serious. Studied people cannot even laugh usually, but someone who comes from his realization – he knows, but the burden of knowledge does not sit on his head all the time. He carries it very lightly, because this is a different technology altogether.

From the days of the stone tablet to today’s microchips, it’s come a long way. The moment we started producing a book, a million stone tablets could go into a single book. Now a million books can go into a CD and a million CDs can go into a chip. And what is stored in a billion chips can be stored in a certain arrangement of energy. I do not know if modern science is working in this direction, but someday, science will come up with ways to store information in an arrangement of energy. I know this clearly as that is the reality within us. Your energy system or pranamayakosha carries stupendous volumes of information, which is so easy to carry and is not burdensome. It is so simple.

Q: Whatever you are speaking now, is it recorded somewhere in your energy system?

Sadhguru: What is already recorded is what is being spoken and what is being spoken is not something which I am thinking of and speaking. What is being spoken is what life is. It is recorded all the time, everywhere. We do not have to re-record it again. It has always been there. Whether I exist or I do not exist, Truth is; it is always there. We can talk about it if you want to, or we can just see it as it is. Do not worry, it will never be lost.

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