Sadhguru’s Republic Day Message to India’s Students

Sadhguru speaks to the students of Isha Home School on the significance of India’s 68th Republic Day.
Sadhguru’s Republic Day Message to India’s Students

சிறந்த மனிதர்கள், சிறந்த தேசம் – மாணவர்களிடம் உரையாற்றிய சத்குரு

Sadhguru spoke to the students of Isha Home School, on the occasion of India’s 68th Republic Day. Rear Admiral SK Gupta, a Maha Vir Chakra awardee, was the Chief Guest at the event.

Sadhguru: We welcome Rear Admiral SK Gupta and his wife. In some way, every human being is an admiral because each of us has to navigate our boat – whether a small one or big one. A big one may seem a little more complex, but the small one is no less an adventure. Fundamentally, it depends on whether we are going to set sail in a tiny little pond in our backyard, or whether we are going to hit the oceans. The small ones become far more challenging when you set sail in an ocean.

On this Republic Day, we as a nation are a large ship – 1.3 billion people. Generally, most nations are made because of sameness of language, religion, race or culture. Not India. We have been made because of our diversity. This is not just today. We have always been like this. This is a far bigger challenge – to maintain the diversity of who we are and still be able to move in one direction.

The children of today are the admirals of tomorrow for this nation. So, this is the time to strengthen your body and mind, your knowing, and above all, to strengthen your resolve, to be able to take the greatest journey possible. This Republic Day is very significant, as the nation is making a serious effort to cross some rough weather – which we have usually avoided. If rough weather comes, we usually turn back. But this time around, we want to sail through the rough weather because we know that there is a large possibility beyond it. It takes the effort of every one of us to get this nation across.

When we talk about the glories of India, generally we talk in the past tense: “We were such a great nation at one time.” I would like the children of Isha Home School and also the rest of the country to be able to talk about India as a great nation, not in terms of yesterday but in terms of tomorrow. It is my wish and my blessing.


On this day, all of you must understand that how strong, resilient, wonderful and capable you become, that is how the nation and the world will become. There is no such thing as building a great nation. We just have to build great human beings. If we build great human beings, then there is a great nation and a great world.

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