Sadhguru Quotes on Life | Life Quotes to Inspire

Life! Everyone has a lifetime's experience with it, but only a few manage to make the most of it. What's the secret to living life to the fullest? Here are 5 quotes from Sadhguru.
sadhguru quotes about life

Once your life is an expression of your blissfulness, you will not be in conflict with anyone.

The unfortunate reality is that most people will know peace only with death – “Rest in Peace.” It is time we do something about it in life.

Your thoughts and emotions may keep you fully engaged right now, but they are just small offshoots of life – they are not life itself.

If you choose, you can be joyful every moment of your life. It’s time you made your choice.

Don’t be dead serious about your life – it’s just a play.

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