Sadhguru explains why taking care of the environment is not an obligation – our environment is our life.

ప్రకృతి దేవాలయాలు


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Sadhguru: If you walk into a very pristine forest where hardly any human beings have moved, if you just go in, close your eyes and sit, it is like you are sitting in a temple; you can actually feel this. There is a phenomenal amount of energy which supports you because the whole life process – from a microbe to a worm, to an insect, to a bird, to an animal, to a tree, to a plant – every one of them is living with this intention: they want to be something more than what they are right now. That intention creates a kind of consecration of its own, it creates a certain sacredness of its own. If you allow the planet to be just the way it was, and if you simply sit here or sleep, you will find the whole place will become like a consecrated space.

As you get more exposed to this and remain completely in the womb of nature, the way you feel things changes.

The effort to create consecrated forms or spaces such as temples is because human societies create such a cacophony of intentions. For example, a husband’s intention and a wife’s intention in the same house are different. Both of them are partners and there may be one common intention, but all the other intentions are different – it is a cacophony of intentions. Because of this, there is no appropriate space for one to experience that. A consecrated space is essentially a cultured situation that brings forth the natural longing of life.

As you get more exposed to this and remain completely in the womb of nature, the way you feel things changes. This is the reason why yogis always withdrew into forests and mountain caves. Because just sitting there, the intention of nature is crystal clear to you. The main thing is to grow beyond all limitations which are restricting you right now. That intention is being expressed by every grain of soil out there – don’t miss it! If you become without intention, you will feel the intention of the Existence. When you become one with that, you travel so much more easily in that direction.

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