The participants of the Mysore IE program were in for a big surprise when they walked into the JSS college grounds at 6:30 in the morning of the third day of the program. A massive games session had been arranged, taking the participants on a whirlwind experience which many of them shared, "made them feel like they were kids again."

 After working up a good sweat during the games, the participants headed back to the program venue for a light breakfast. Shortly after, they headed into the hall. The session began with a Kalari demo with two of the Samskriti children sparring with sticks. The short but intense display which was filled with lightening fast thrusts, parries and blocks, was well appreciated by the audience.


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Sounds of Isha came on stage next. The flute, the guitar, the drums, the vocals – everything blended into a seamless whole of matchless beauty. And what a response the music got! The participants filed out of their seats, made a beeline for the space in front of Sadhguru’s dais and began dancing to the beat. It started with one pioneering individual. He was followed by another and another and in no time everybody were on their feet, clapping, swaying and losing themselves in the sweet music. The whole hall reverberated to the music as the participants and volunteers whole-heartedly gave themselves to the enchanting rhythm. It was almost 15 minutes before Sounds of Isha were allowed off the stage to loud applause.

One of the volunteers shared his experience of the occasion, "The participants, right from day one have been participating 200% and everything in this program has been happening effortlessly. It was simply fantastic."

Later in the day, Sadhguru began his discourse, and time ceased to have any hold on the participants, immersed as they were in his words. The hours sped by and before long, it was time for the participants’ initiation into the Shambhavi Maha Mudra. As Sadhguru led them through the process, an explosive silence permeated the entire venue and the carpet of energy that layered the hall was impossible to miss.

After the session, Krishnamurthy, one of the participants shared his experience of the program, "It was a wonderful experience being with Sadhguru and the energies pouring out of him. It was really fortunate that we were initiated by Sadhguru on Pournami (full-moon) Day. Simply observing the changes in myself from being involved in the sessions is phenomenal."

It seemed that the rest of the participants agreed. Given the enthusiasm and intensity with which they went through the program, the participants will surely allow this seed sown into them to blossom in all its color and fragrance.

The program came to an end with Sadhguru thanking the people of the Suttur Math. The Suttur Math residents had really gone out of their way to make this program possible. The food and dining arrangements, the materials for the dais and the program venue, and many other facilities had been arranged by them. Sadhguru joked, "When Isha volunteers come, they have their own way of taking over the whole place and turning everything upside down. The Suttur Math has allowed everything to happen without any complaint."

The last act of the night was by Sounds of Isha which notched up the voltage of the already electric atmosphere in the hall with Ale, Ale, Ale – the Ananda Alai song. Participants and volunteers, all 1000 of them, cheered, danced, clapped and jumped with the joy of receiving what is surely a new beginning in all their lives.