A s the rain deprived Delhiites delighted in the Tuesday early morning showers, the only thought on everybody’s mind was – “Sadhguru must have arrived in town for the evening’s sathsang!!” It was raining outside, however, on the inside, the Delhi volunteers were set on fire! With Delhi’s largest ever mega-program being announced for January 2013, volunteers were frantically ensuring that every meditator was invited to the Sathsang to hear this special announcement from Sadhguru himself.

As people started pouring in from 5pm onwards for the 7pm Sathsang, the newly formed Sounds of Isha music troupe in Delhi welcomed them with their tunes. Beginning with a short video containing glimpses of the last few mega programs, a few Delhi meditators also shared their own experience of being involved in such programs in the past. One meditator, also the Deputy Director of Railways, spoke of how she was already planning a three-month break from work to be involved full-time in the program preparations. Another working couple spoke of how they are joining the mega-program work full-time. Inspired voices rung in harmony, ignited hearts beating to be part of this possibility as the Delhi meditators cheered their participation in unison.

Sadhguru walked in at 7:30pm to the heart- warming tune of “Aaye Hai Saanwarein”, a Hindi song by Sounds of Isha. Opening with the chant “Nadha Brahma”, Sadhguru spoke of his pilgrimage to Kailash, from where he had just returned. “Even if you build sky-scrapers there, I am sure now what is there cannot be touched”, he said as he spoke of how the highways had come up on the road to Kailash. To questions posed on the upcoming mega-program in Delhi, he spoke of the imperative need for raising human consciousness on the planet. “As human capabilities become more and more phenomenal, the only way to live sensibly is if there is inclusive consciousness.”

On being asked a question about the difference between enlightenment and complete liberation in context of Buddha’s statement - “I am enlightened but not fully liberated”, Sadhguru spoke of how the body has a huge memory of its own, with the mind having a much smaller memory - “Your nose reflects that of your great-grandfather”. He said that complete liberation was possible only once the body was shed. On being asked how one could channelize the sweetness they were feeling within themselves after doing the practices, Sadhguru said, “Everything creative, beautiful will be lost because we are thinking how to milk the cow. So sweetness is arising, don’t destroy it by thinking how to channelize this. Let it overflow.”  Sadhguru further spoke of deepening one's quest to know what is beyond this body while one is still young and alive, rather than waiting till the end was near. He concluded the sathsang with a soft and gentle “Brahmanada Swaroopa” chant. The usual musical end to sathsangs ended in a more silent way as people felt an overpowering stillness fill them.

“Me and my wife want to be involved in some way. She is a designer and I am a social activist, but we are willing to take out time from our everyday schedules to help”, said one meditator.“Please make sure you call me, I have two young children at home, but still want to help in every way to make this happen”, said another as they were leaving the venue. Limitations were being broken, barriers within being crossed, Delhi was opening up to a new possibility, and all one could feel was blessed for being with a Master who knew.


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