Sadhguru Captivates the Capital's Social Circuit - Launch of Anand Lehar in Delhi


It was a big day for Isha Delhi as Anand Lehar, Isha's "Wave of Joy" was launched on Saturday, 22 November, with a free Public Talk by Sadhguru. The venue, Delhi's Siri Fort Auditorium with a seating capacity of 1800 was packed, making the evening Isha's largest event in Delhi so far. Among the audience were many of the capital's who's who, such as MP Naveen Jindal, ad-filmmaker Prahlad Kakar, entrepreneur Sandeep Jajodia and his wife Seema, as well as fashion designer Puneet Nanda.

Isha Volunteers from all across Delhi and the surrounding regions came together to ensure the precision and details that went into all the arrangements for the event. After working seamlessly since the morning, the doors for public entry were opened at 5:45 p.m. While the guests started to fill the hall, Sounds of Isha set the mood with Hindi melodies. Within just 15 minutes, all the seats in the hall were taken, and people were asked to proceed to the balcony. Some even accommodated themselves on the floor and balcony aisles to be in the presence of the Master.

At 6:35 pm, Sadhguru entered the stage, with Sounds of Isha playing in the background. Beginning with a chant, Sadhguru opened his discourse with the hard-hitting remark how it would be a tragedy if people did not realize what was within their own selves. He spoke about the limitations of the physical and the longing in every human being to constantly expand. He stressed on how it was not about becoming super-human, but in fact about realizing that being human was super. His talk was interspersed with jokes, anecdotes and his own stories from his childhood, adult life, up until his own enlightenment, keeping the audience constantly engaged and laughing. He further spoke about each human being able to engineer his own life so that it happened according to the way they wanted it, rather than being governed by external influences.

After a short meditation, he began with the question and answer session, where he addressed topics related to the current economic crisis, the sudden interest of many Gurus in Delhiites and the reason for honest people suffering more than other people. Each question was answered with his characteristic charm and wit. He talked about using the economic crisis as an opportunity to enhance one's own creative skills and develop India into a super power, when the economies of the world were somewhat levelled like never before. In regard to the question on different Gurus suddenly taking much interest in Delhi, he suggested viewing it positively as a "Guru Festival" in Delhi, rather than a negative event. Sadhguru ended the talk by inviting everyone in the audience to come visit Isha Yoga Center near Coimbatore and experience the uniqueness of this space for themselves.

As Sadhguru walked off the stage, he went down into the aisle to let everyone in the audience get a closer glimpse and enjoy the proximity of his presence. As Sounds of Isha began to play again, people danced on the stage, outside the hall and around him. It was a time of celebration many gathered around him to get an embrace or blessings from the Master himself. One could not help but feel in awe at his graciousness as he calmly walked through the crowd, with volunteers trying to clear the way as people swarmed around him.

When Sadhguru left the auditorium, everyone present sensed, Delhi had just been touched by a silent revolution, and this was just the beginning.