What do Swami Vivekananda, Winston Churchill, George Washington and Motilal Nehru have in common? They were all freemasons. Who are the freemasons? Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest secular societies, and a world-wide organisation concerned with moral and spiritual values. Masonic organisations throughout the world are engaged in many philanthropic and charitable projects. Freemasonry is over 250 years old in India and has a total membership of about 22,000 Freemasons today.

On November 22nd, Sadhguru was invited to inaugurate and give the keynote speech at the Twelfth Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges in Chennai. Over 200 highly placed members of the Freemason Society from over 50 countries participated in the conference, which sought to explore “The Role of Freemasonry in Universal Peacekeeping.”

The event began with a bang with traditional Kerala drums and elephants. After the inauguration formalities, Sadhguru began his keynote speech. The audience was clearly bowled over. Though the keynote speaker is generally allotted only about 30 minutes, Sadhguru was given an hour. A Question and Answer session followed, which mostly centered around what defines a good human being. Sadhguru encouraged the participants to look inward and empower our humanity, rather than focusing on moral values and being good.

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