Life And The Five Elements As Cosmic Joke

In a Speaking Tree column, Sadhguru speaks of how life is a game with just five ingredients.
Life And The Five Elements As Cosmic Joke

In a Speaking Tree column, Sadhguru speaks of how life is a game with just five ingredients and how both the human body and the cosmos are a jugglery of only five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space.

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4 years 7 months ago

Pranams Sadhguru.

Just with your grace traveling from miles across -transformed me and transforming many. I am not sure what I have done to deserve these blessings.

Here I am more clear,peaceful and strong. Hope now I am ready to carry my life even more joyfully and efficiently,and can fulfill my primary obligation - to do our best( both me and my spouse) for the 2 little beings that we brought in to this world and make them in to happy, peaceful and successful beings,with your blessings. I Tasted the glimpse of nothingness and boundlessness! How can I describe this Joy. You set me free from the secretly deep seated past karma's toil. How light I feel now! This body of 5 elements though a cosmic joke can also turn in to a sacred place to find the divine within.
I wonder why I needed so much beating to reach where I am now, perhaps being the fool and Idiot I am:)
All this mental suffering for past few years, strange and unbelievably twisted accusations and situations from people in work and around... perhaps needed to blast my past karma I believe ... no doubt they made me tough and actually made me stand even tall with head held high( because I know I received your support during these rough times).
Kindly forgive me if I did not reach your expectations. I am only one millionth of a speck in front of you .

With tears of gratitude in my eyes

At your feet

4 years 7 months ago

Obviously great writing but doesn't it make the assumption that humans are the central and only possibility in existence? What about elsewhere in the universe where other elements than earth, fire, wind, water, and space exist? How about alternate universes composed of a combination of wind and earth or fire and wind? The possibilities are endless...

4 years 1 month ago

One of the truth,
were most of the peoples , born of , dust thrown of some's , ( chunga ,runga) --(chunga ,runga ----which in north india childrens some eat able thing after purchasings from shop) , . so were always quarrling for who are mother , father ,marrages , running behind girls , doing bad and sinfull acts from the very starting of ancient times . and always quarreling for whose generations are ,

4 years 1 month ago

Culprits and cruel peoples who had done cruelities on brahma and saraswati , and ganga and on many goddesses ang god ,and on good peoples ,

the crores and crores of peoples are being killed ,destryoed in such a way no one can find out , and given different shapes and made to bad brains and minds are made from single soul to multy humans soul creatures to never become humans and buried alive under earth and made land less and even killed into stomaches and made to toilets and throughn into hells like toilets

Krishna ,rama ,shiva and others mahans ,gods, good were/are good peoples ,never do sins ,and indras and others were bad always doing sins and bad acts .why others peoples could not become good humans and peoples