Juhi Chawla In Conversation with Sadhguru - Live Blog

The next ‘In Conversation with the Mystic’ will see Sadhguru in a lively and insightful discussion with actress, film producer and former Miss India, Juhi Chawla. Stay tuned here for live updates from the conversation.
Juhi Chawla In Conversation with Sadhguru - Live Blog


Juhi Chawla and Sadhguru's conversation touching upon various aspects from life and love to movies and parenting comes to an end with Sadhguru singing Uyir Nokkam and a closing performance by Sounds of Isha.


Question to Sadhguru : Where does the atma go after our death?

Sadhguru: Somethings you know best by experience! If you dont know the nature of your existence when you are here how will you know after your death #LoveandLife


Sadhguru answers a Facebook question, from Amit Madan

Amit Madan: My question to Sadhguru and Ms. Juhi Chawla is ''In this materialistic age, the real feeling of love is disappearing from our life. Most of the love we receive from others and express to others is superficial.
How can we reinforce the real feeling of love in our own life and in others'



Question and Answer session on #LifeAndLove ensues...





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Juhi and Sadhguru


Juhi Chawla releases Sadhguru's latest DVD "Leadership Beyond the Leader" isha.co/1nkxPUw

id="attachment_40828" align="alignnone" width="183"Leadership Beyond the Leader


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5 years 11 months ago

Sometimes we fall in love at young age but cannot get married to the same person but the memories and love remains dormant forever even though you are married to someone else. Is it wrongdoing even in spiritual world since our Physical world does not acknowledge even the thought of it and considers it a sin? If we suppress this unconditional love, we are not being true to ourselves so what about self-love, which is important for soul growth. . Does it account to cheating in spiritual world as well? I am only talking about 'thought level'. What should be the solution to this situation? Is there a karmic lesson to be learnt in such a situation?

5 years 11 months ago

Can you please provide a link to the song, uyir nokkam, sung in Sadhguru's voice?

5 years 11 months ago

When somebody asking for life and love i dont understand what the point of converstaion.Just involve and throw yourself