The Isha social media team is a group of volunteer editors, programmers, ideators and designers. We design, develop and maintain all the social-media properties of Isha Foundation including the Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The essential inspiration for this work is Sadhguru, a yogi and profound mystic of our times. Sadhguru’s life and work serve as a reminder that yoga is not an esoteric discipline from an outdated past, but a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times. Our aim is to create a platform where his wisdom and insight, embodying the core of the yogic sciences, is available to all.

Isha’s activities have touched over 7 million people, but it is Sadhguru’s vision that this possibility is accessible to every human being. Towards making this happen, we are looking for volunteers who can contribute in the following areas:

Graphic Designers

To help create amazing visuals for our social media platforms, which will be useful in hosting Sadhguru’s message.

  • Skills: Experience in using any professional image editing software, like Adobe Photoshop.
  • Time commitment: At least 5 hours availability per week.

If you are interested in contributing as a graphic designer, please send an email to, with the subject line: “Volunteer Support: Graphics Designer.”

Here’s an example:

Graphic  Content Ideators

To identify the right image to go with a particular message of Sadhguru’s. In an effort to make Sadhguru’s wisdom more relevant and applicable to today’s audience, we sometimes use an image which is non-branded, i.e. images that have no direct association with Isha or Sadhguru. We do not have to stop at just picture quotes. Social media is constantly evolving. Sometimes we need a completely different level of engagement to get our message across.

  • Skills: Creativity!
  • Time commitment: At least 8 hours availability per week.


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Do you feel like this is something you can come up with? Is out-of-box thinking your cup of sukku coffee? Then send an email to with the subject line: “Volunteer Support: Creative Ideator”

Take a look at the following Facebook posts:

Project Manager, Social Media (English & Tamil, separate positions)

A versatile Social Media Expert who can ideate, plan, develop, launch, run and maintain Social Media/Online and Digital Campaigns for the Isha properties.

If you are interested in contributing as a project manager, send an email to with the subject line: “Volunteer Support: Project Manager, Social Media – English/Tamil”.

Other requisites:

  • Good knowledge of online and social media trends, developments and opportunities is a must, along with good command of the language (either English or Tamil).
  • Content development for campaign (online and offline), proof-reading and ideating with language input is a basic expectation.
  • Adept across all social platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Slideshare and other social bookmarking sites, along with content strategy, page management & campaign implementation.
  • Ability to manage digital communications and social media presence to increase Isha’s brand visibility for target audience, and also connect with target audience.
  • Manage the execution of social media campaigns and day-to-day activities on current platforms, including Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • Regularly review the social media landscape and digital marketing and provide the content team with insights and strategy /recommendations.
  • Conduct social listening research and provide insight into wants and needs of Isha’s target audience.
  • Time commitment: At least 16 hours availability per week.

Content Writers (English & Tamil, separate positions)

If you are interested in contributing as a content writer, then send an email to with subject line: “Volunteer Support: Content Writer – English/Tamil”.

Activities include:

  • Copy-editing and proof reading articles and other web content.
  • Writing and posting content online for web pages, blogs, social media, newsletter, press releases etc.
  • Finding and developing new ideas for web content.
  • Assuring web content is user-friendly and key-worded for SEO benefit.
  • Ability to write SEO-based content to help achieve organic rankings.
  • Moderating user-generated content such as message Facebook pages/posts/twitter replies.
  • Some experience creating or sourcing content for websites/magazines/blogs (any URLs provided will be beneficial).
  • Familiarity with internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or web development will be an additive advantage.
  • Ability to write engaging online content.
  • Add to creative and strategic ideas for online marketing initiatives.
  • Time commitment: At least 8 hours availability per week.