Isha Blog’s Top 10 Blogposts of 2013
It’s the time of the year when everyone looks back at the past 12 months with nostalgia. So we thought we’d join the fun and remind you of some of Isha Blog’s most popular posts this past year. Here’s our top 10 (actually 13).

It’s the time of the year when everyone looks back at the past 12 months with nostalgia and compiles their “best of” moments. So we thought we’d join the fun and remind you of some of Isha Blog’s most popular posts this past year. Here’s our Top 10 Blogposts of 2013 (actually, since it’s such an awesome blog, our top 10 is actually a top 13. :D).

Indian Culture

Probably the most consistently popular series on the blog is our series on Indian culture, which highlights various aspects of India’s complex culture and the science behind it.

Sleeping Right explores the science and superstitions surrounding sleep.

The Science of Vibhuti takes a look at the science behind vibhuti, the sacred ash, and how it works.

The Meaning of Namaskar looks at the gesture that was once an ubiquitous part of Indian culture and was born of a profound understanding of the human system.

Food & Health

A sort of evergreen favorite, the blog’s food & health posts offer a holistic approach to human health and wellbeing.

Right at the beginning of 2013, the Foods You Should Avoid in 2013 post was one of the most popular posts. The food tips that held good in 2013 still hold good for 2014 of course, so take a look again in case you want to remind yourself.

Treat Yourself to a Copper Detox looks at the yogic perspective on the importance of storing our water well, and how water stored in copper vessels can play a significant role in cleansing our system of various toxins.

Rounding of the year-end, 5 Ways to Detox Your Body Naturally offered simple tips to practice at home and detoxify your system.

At Home & At Work

Looking at creating a joyful and conducive atmosphere in one’s family and work situations, these posts offered tools to build such an ambience.

5 tips to Help You Succeed in early January offered concrete steps to help you reach your full potential.

4 Tips for a Better Workplace focused on what it takes to create an ideal work situation and collaborate better with co-workers.

10 Tips on Good Parenting, believe it or not, offered 10 tips on good parenting!

Sadhguru Spot

No list would be complete without Sadhguru’s weekly Spot.

Is Your Child Normal resonated with many parents across the globe. Sadhguru looks at the over-eagerness in today’s society to label children as ADD, ADHD or with some other tag.

In the aftermath of the tragic floods and landslides that scoured Uttarkhand and buried Kedarnath in June this year, The Human Calamity in Uttarkhand offered Sadhguru’s unique insight and perspective on the matter.

Isha Offerings

Periodic release of various books, DVDs and Sounds of Isha music are also highlighted on the blog.

The Vairagya Chants, a collection of 5 chants offered by Sadhguru to help us pitch up our spiritual process, is available for download on a “name your price” basis.

The year also saw the ebook release of Dhyanalinga – The Silent Revolution, Isha’s first ever book released in 2000, which is no longer available in print format. Eternal Echoes, a collection of Sadhguru’s poems, first released in 2002 was also published as an ebook.

Bonus Top 5: Most Popular Videos of 2013

As a bonus, here are the most popular videos of 2013 from Sadhguru’s youtube channel. Subscribe to the channel if you would like to be notified when new videos are put up.

Stay tuned for more interesting and exciting posts in 2014, which will bring you Sadhguru’s wisdom and insight on a range of subjects. If you would like to be notified regularly about new posts on the blog, subscribe by email in the sidebar box to the right.

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