Is Isha Encroaching on Forest Land or Elephant Corridor?

The truth behind false allegations against Isha Foundation regarding forest land and elephant corridors.

Below, we list the allegations made against Isha regarding forest land and elephant corridors and offer our readers the truth behind them.

Allegation 1: Isha Foundation has encroached on forest land and is located in the elephant corridor, with reports that three structures are constructed illegally, without proper permission from the authorities, including forest department.

Response: Isha Yoga Center is not constructed on forest land or elephant corridor. It is constructed on 100% Patta land. In 2013, Tamil Nadu Forest Department officials verified this, and clearly documented that the center is only on Patta land and has not infringed onto forest land. The document reference number is CFCIT/07/2013.

By definition, an elephant corridor is a pathway between two places where the elephants reside. As per the Tamil Nadu Forest Department, there are no elephant corridors notified by it in the Coimbatore District. There is one elephant corridor only in the adjoining district, the Nilgiris district. This can be ascertained through an RTI, as has been shown in the document below, Ref no: WL5/35913/2013.

Allegation 2: Reports that officials are reluctant to raze these structures, which were ordered to be demolished some three years ago.

Response: As mentioned above, Isha Yoga Center is built on 100% Patta land, and does not encroach on any other land. So the question of razing any structures is irrelevant.