A ccording to Tagore, birds are described as being “twice born” - once in their limited shell, and then finally in the freedom of the unbounded sky. Balavignesh, a class 8 student of Isha Vidhya, Santhegounden Palayam, who has been with us since 2006, has been one of the fortunate few to experience this freedom of the unbounded sky! Among 3000 students, 10 students have been selected and adopted by the Government of Tamilnadu to be trained for National Level Gymnastics, of which he is one of the lucky few!

This would mean he has to be under the close guidance of the trainers in Coimbatore, and attend the Suburban Government School next to the stadium!  For the proud parents and family of Balavignesh, it has been momentous and yet a struggle and turmoil to make such a huge decision. For Isha Vidhya SGP, it’s a loss of a bright and committed student. But as Tagore says, "Born into this world, we must break the closed shell of the “lesser self” to be born anew, to fly in open skies of the “greater self”.

Congratulations to the parents, school and coaches who helped make this happen! For all of us, this is a moment of widening our perceptions, accepting the gift of the Universe and moving on with pride, more oriented to our roles and responsibilities. Heartiest congratulations to Balavignesh from all the teachers, staff and management of Isha Vidhya! May the blessings of Sadhguru adorn his life always...

Balavignesh, tearfully but with deep determination, has resolved to achieve absolute triumph and return to Isha Vidhya with a bigger bang!!

Good luck and wishes from all of us... way to go Balavignesh!

- Principal, Isha Vidhya, Santhegounden Palayam


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