Energy Form Ceremony at Isha Yoga Center

Sadhguru, out of his compassion, is offering the science of yoga in many different ways to people. As a part of this, on July 14th, “Nanmai Uruvam” or “Energy Forms” were offered to over 1400 Ishangas. This form will reverberate and create a powerful atmosphere of well-being.

All the Ishangas (Isha meditators) sat before the form and participated in the process. Powerful chants were given to them, which they will continue to do at home. After this, they were all initiated into the sadhana by Sadhguru - the whole Adiyogi Alayam was reverberating with energy.

Following is a poem by an Isha resident who took part in the process:


A thousand forms with serpent hoods
Strung with thread turmeric soaked
Sacred ash and vermillion anointed
Rest all night in the temple shrine

A space awaits, a stage is set
A thousand reed mats on stone floor
As willing hands and legs toil all night
Before the matted locks of the Adi Yogi

Each form on a cloth of white cotton
Adorned with leaves and jasmine buds
Camphor tablet in copper plate
And holy water in copper pot

Devotees and disciples file in
Sit in silence as music plays
Instructions given, chants reverberate
As Grace primeval comes alive

The Master arrives and sits in stillness
A thousand lamps lit and hearts set aflame
Love meets longing, Presence meets seeking
Camphor melts as tears unhindered flow

Waves of bliss, waves of joy
Where do You end, where do I begin
Time stands still and in this moment
Ishanga... you are born...

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5 years 10 months ago

Volunteered for the prep still non the wiser about what Ishanga is.

It's good to be confused :D

2 years 5 months ago

I received Nanmai uruvam one year back. But nothing has changed in my life. In fact, it is getting worse than before. somebody please share the experience.

2 years 5 months ago

I received Nanmai uruvam one year back. But nothing has changed in my life. Life is getting worse in every dimension. somebody please share the experience.