E arly morning of the Consecration day began with “Aum Namah Shivaya” by Brahmacharis and residents, which resonated from within the Dhyanalinga dome, to be heard around the ashram. The melodious Muslim and Christian chants were offered by ashram residents. Next up were the Samskriti children who sang the “Guru Paduka Stotram” in reverence of the Guru. This was followed by wonderful Muslim chants by teachers and students of the Islamia Higher Secondary School.

The morning Nada Aradhana featured vocalist Smt. Subhasree Mani whose offering of sound was astounding.

We will be live streaming the celebrations in the afternoon. Tune in from 2:00-3:00pm (includes Christian music and Sufi chanting), from 4:30-6:20pm (Gurbani, Vedic chants, Nada Aradhana and Guru Pooja) and 7:45-9:30pm (Carnatic music concert and Bhajans).

The afternoon was filled with more offerings: Bible Reading and Hymns led by Rev. Antony Kalliath from Divyodaya, Inter-Religious Centre (Coimbatore), Christian and Sufi music, Gurbani, Vedic chanting by Ramanan and troupe. The spectacular evening Nada Aradhana was given by Raghunath on mridangam. The offerings culminated in Guru Pooja for Dhyanalinga – the live Guru.

After dinner, everyone gathered before Nandi for incredible Carnatic musical concerts Smt Subhasree Mani and Sri Tatwa Chaithanya Troupe.

The grand decorations by the volunteers and the amazing performances of the residents and guests made the day a memorable experience for all. Yet, it ought to be said, all the wonderful offerings are small compared to the enormous Grace of Dhyanalinga. At the ashram, it is our fortune and privilege to bask in this Presence on a daily basis.


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Ganges bathing from the Heaven,
Riding sacred serpent with coils seven.

Lotus blooms keep floating around,
Attires white and offerings only sound.

Churning up millions you have come so far,ngs only sound.

Your depth and height is beyond any par.

Threat of the presence and the bliss of Grace,
Annihilated me all, not left even a trace.

In your womb I have seen terrains many,
To die into you is the desire, if any.

Till my bones I am soaked with you,
I am there or not, I’ll be for you.