Day 15 – Cauvery Diaries: Of Motorcycles and a Mystic

Sadhguru and the riders will storm into Coimbatore today for the last event of Cauvery Calling! Everyone is gearing up for the finale this evening, don’t miss it! Stay tuned to the live stream and blog...
Day 15 – Cauvery Diaries: Of Motorcycles and a Mystic

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With water streaming from the Nandi above, there cannot be a more fitting stage setup for the Mystic, for this event which is all about Cauvery River. The fountain was envisioned by M. Krishnan, Chairman & Managing Director, Sri Krishna Sweets, to symbolically portray that Sadhguru is bringing the Talacauvery spring (the origin of Cauvery) here.

Isha Samskriti students stun the audience at CODISSIA with their exhilarating performance for India’s national song, “Vande Mataram.”


Sadhguru spells out the problem facing Cauvery by citing how palm trees are dying, a clear sign that we are headed towards desertification. He closed his talk by saying, “40% of India could become a desert in 10 years’ time...This is the time to act…Agroforestry is something that will work economically in a wonderful way for the farmer, so it cannot fail. The only thing is producing the saplings is the only challenge we have. Everybody should do whatever they can.”


Shri Ravi Sam, MD Adwaith Textiles Private Ltd, said to Sadhguru, “We have seen on social media how people have accepted your thought, they celebrated you and received you in the middle of the night in pouring rain, and this really inspires us all.” He thanked the influencers of Coimbatore for their support and solidarity with Sadhguru and appealed to them to help complete the project of Cauvery Calling as soon as possible.


Isha Samskriti children have front row seats to an overflowing house tonight in Coimbatore, where hundreds of chairs are set up even outside of the main hall, for the biggest show in the city. Sadhguru is about to arrive for the culmination of the Cauvery Calling motorcycle campaign.


Farmer leader Valluvan of Pollachi district shares about the success he has achieved through natural farming and how the Isha Agro Movement supported him in the transition to agroforestry.


Yuri Jain, Rally for Rivers coordinator, speaks to the influencers about the Cauvery Calling campaign.


6:00pm - Sadhguru is meeting with those who have invited and organized this event in Coimbatore.

Dr. Rajasekaran of Ganga Hospital addresses the gathering, “This is a special moment for Coimbatore when the “who is who” and elite of the city have come together to support this significant endeavor of Sadhguru. History is made today.”




Watch: Day 12 Highlights of Cauvery Calling

Sadhguru shows us the organically grown saplings in the Isha nursery in Thanjavur - now renamed to Mahatma Green India Mission as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi.

A key event in Thiruvarur was a Farmers Meeting where farmers listened in rapt attention as Sadhguru outlined the advantages of agroforestry. The Cavalcade finally reached Puducherry to a grand welcome.

Miles of Smiles

Sadhguru is finally returning to Coimbatore today after riding in a motorcade for a fortnight to revitalize Cauvery. Today, a crowd is gathered waiting to meet him. They are gathered along the route for kilometers raising their voices joyfully to sing the Nadi Stuti. Their excitement is passing like electricity from one to the next.


More bikers stream in to join the rally...and a giant mobile sound system too! Meanwhile, Sadhguru and the riders are on the way…


Coimbatore eagerly waits for Sadhguru to come home. As the time ticks closer, they wave blue placards for Cauvery! Volunteers line up for kilometers watching as the first cars and bikes of the motorcade begin to arrive.


Bikes and cars decked out in blue...ready to join Sadhguru when he enters Coimbatore city...


A life giving force, she is.
A nurturing womb, she is.
Plants, insects, birds, and animals, she has embraced.
All life in southern India, she has graced.
Cauvery-a mighty river, immensely generous, she feeds us all.
To creatures that walk and talk and slither and crawl.
But lend me your ear, I shall let you in on a secret.
Beloved Cauvery has reduced to a small tricklet!
Worry not, we can bring her back. Can you help me?
Plant more trees along her basin to let her flow free.
Here is your chance, do your bit, so our children can live without worry.
42 rupees a tree, come on, it's time, let's revitalize Cauvery."

- Smriti, Bengaluru

Ahmed from Haifa, Israel, shares how this is THE most important cause to be supporting right now.


Sneaking Into the Side Door

Grooving to the sounds of “Alai Alai”, our volunteers sneak in through the side entrance to score the best seats in the hall. It's anybody's guess if they'll succeed...


Ranjini’s Chance to Be Part of a Freedom Movement

Ranjini says “People gave their lives for India’s freedom struggle. We didn’t have a chance to be a part of that struggle, and I’m only too excited to be part of this movement to free India of its water crisis. I feel overwhelmed that I can do this for my country.” As the wife of a retired banker from Indian Overseas Bank, Ranjini, age 63, is dedicating her time to Cauvery Calling.


In her Golden Years, Vasantha Sees a Light for Future Generations

Vasantha Kumari, age 62, wife of a retired bank officer speaks happily about being at the Coimbatore event. She says, “What Sadhguru is doing is so big and so important for future generations that I consider it a privilege to help in any way. Right now, I’m setting up chairs for the big event today.”


worry-of-warsWorry About Water Wars

"Water scarcity is one of the biggest problems that we are staring in the face. A lot of future wars will be for water," Girish, a volunteer for the Coimbatore event expresses his worries. He knows, "Cauvery Calling will be the solution to the biggest problem of the decade."


Rivers from Boyhood Still Live in Ashish’s Heart

Kumar Ashish from Patna, Bihar, recalls his childhood spent close to nature and in harmony with rivers. This connection is so precious to him that he’s dedicating his life to saving rivers, starting with Cauvery. He wants to give all children the chance to experience this kind of bond.


What a Sweet Gesture from M. Krishnan, Owner of Sri Krishna Sweets

1:00pm - At ground zero of today’s event at CODISSIA Trade Complex, we had the honor of M. Krishnan’s presence. The owner of popular Sri Krishna Sweets retail chain came early to inspect the arrangements for the welcome ceremony that he is coordinating along with Sri Rajeshekhar of Ganga Hospital for Sadhguru this evening. He is among the 40 other industrialists in Coimbatore who have, for the first time, come out in the open to express their solidarity and love for Sadhguru by organizing a huge welcome for him on his return from the 2-week long Cauvery Calling motorcycle campaign.


A colorful welcome! Swirls of kolam and whorls of flowers!


At this evening’s venue in Coimbatore, volunteers capture some scenes...

Caught a cut-out of our Mystic calling us to action for Cauvery...


A blue-lit stage is being set up...notice the Nandi?


Sound check for Sounds of Isha, as the hall gets set up...


Making sure that Cauvery occupies every heart and every seat...


Ashram volunteers arrive at the venue...


Are we welcoming Sadhguru or is he welcoming us?


So many hands with just one goal...


A full house inside makes the volunteers set up an open house outside!


Afternoon break for Shoonya meditation...


Umayal, the wife of Deputy Director, Labour Department of Tamil Nadu, at the age of 50 is found sweeping the floor at the venue in Coimbatore for this evening’s event. “I'm doing it for future generations, so they can have plenty of water and experience the shade of the trees,” she shares.

Umayal, the wife of Deputy Director, Labour Department of Tamil Nadu

1:55pm - Sadhguru and the riders left Salem for Coimbatore after visiting Linga Bhairavi temple there. He makes his way back in the sweltering afternoon to culminate an incredibly successful 2 weeks of riding across two states. Meanwhile, volunteers and eager guests are trickling into the event hall to greet him.

Linga Bhairavi temple


Sadhguru and the riders

Emotional Connect to Cauvery: Niharika from Andhra Pradesh

Niharika Jasti, a Nadi Veera helping to save India’s rivers through the Rally for Rivers movement, shares her gratifying experience interacting with the people of Coimbatore as she campaigns for Cauvery Calling.


Cauvery Calling Mehendi!

Volunteers in Coimbatore are doing everything to imprint upon people’s hearts and minds the need to save Cauvery.collage-2

Ashram volunteers leave in the blistering afternoon heat to the Cauvery Calling event venue at Coimbatore. All equipped with posters and smiles, they fill up a bus and head out in gusto to welcome the Mystic and his cavalcade of bikers!


Some videos from yesterday with Sadhguru and the riders…

“In the coziness of an AC bus, I still hear our bikes roaring for Cauvery! On the way to Mumbai with fond memories of Cauvery,” shares Pranav Gujar, a biker who is returning home after riding on the Tamil Nadu stretch of Cauvery Calling.


Nadi Veera, Kumara Swamy, shares his story:

“I had no emotional connect to any river as I used water from a tap. I later realized that I have grown up drinking the water of this river - Cauvery - a lifegiver for southern Karnataka.

When I worked as a civil engineer I used to bike around with my MTB across Mysuru. This was when I could see the contrast between my elders’ memory of Cauvery and how it is now! The stories about it depletion were very common.

I don’t know what connection I have with Cauvery, but the basic thing I understood is that a human body consists of 70% water, which means 70% of my body is Cauvery’s water. If I become responsible for Cauvery then there is no time to waste thinking about my survival.

One evening, Sadhguru had called for volunteers and I just knew at this moment that I had to become a Rally for Rivers volunteer. It was no coincidence that I was at my favourite spot in the Krishna Raja Sagara backwaters when this happened!


At 11:20pm last night, the convoy halted in Salem, on the way to Coimbatore. This morning, the riders gave into the temptation of a 25km ride of 75 hairpins through Kolli Hills - they set out on an exciting excursion at 7:00am, carrying Cauvery Calling in their hearts and on their motorcycles…






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