Alai: Wave of Bliss is a collection of Tamil songs by Sounds of Isha, released during the Mahashivarathri celebrations this year. The music is available for download online, on a ‘name-your-price’ basis. Please visit for more information.

Going by popular request, we are providing lyrics along with translations for each of the Alai songs on the blog. Last week’s song was Kanale Kanale. This week, it’s Un Padham.

"Your heart shall know no grief if you place yourself at the feet of the Blissful One" - Sadhguru

Un Padham

Uṉ padham paṇinthēṉ eṉṉaiyē maṟandhēṉ
I bowed down to you and I forgot myself

Uṉ padham paṇinthēṉ eṉṉuḷḷē malarndhēṉ
I bowed down to you and I flowered within


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Eṉṉaiyē maṟandhēṉ eṉṉuḷḷē malarndhēṉ
I forgot myself and I flowered within

Uṉ pāarvai oḷiyāaga 
Eṉ neñjam agalāaga
Your gaze is the light
My heart is the lamp

Eṉṉuḷḷē oru jōdhi uruvāṉathē
A flame was lit within me

Eṉ mōgapuyal veesa eṉ dhēgam alaipāaya
My desires, like a storm have made me unsteady

Nee thandha oli maṭṭum nilaiyāṉadhē
Only the light that you gave has remained true

Nee thanda pāadhai thāṉ naāṉ selvadhu
I am walking the path that you laid for me

Adhil naāṉ veezhum paḷḷaṅgaḷ naāṉ seydhadhu
Only falling into traps set by me

Nee vandhu kai thandhu nadai pōda sollāmal
Iṉi eṅgu naāṉ selvadhu
Without you giving me your hand,
Where can I go?

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