Adiyogi Alayam Consecration - Timeline

Join us on the blog for up-to-date coverage of the Adiyogi consecration. Stay tuned on this page for photos, news and footage from the event.

The consecration of the Adiyogi Alayam happened in a glorious manner, witnessed live by over 10,000 people. To re-create the grandeur of the whole event, Isha has put together the Adiyogi Alayam Glimpses Photo CD, with over 80 photos taken from the program. A perfect way to behold the miraculous event of consecration...

Available for purchase at the Isha Yoga Center for Rs. 50 or online at the Isha Download Store for $1.

25 Dec - 11.45am

Watch a video of participants sharing their experiences during the Adiyogi Alayam Consecration.


25 Dec - 12.20am

The program ended past midnight, many people not ready to believe that the two days were already over. Sadhguru, accompanied by Sounds of Isha, sang "Yogeshwara" with his hands folded until the last moment he exited the venue.

24 Dec - 11.36pm

Sadhguru answers questions on a variety of topics, from creating the right atmosphere for sadhana to significance of matted locks to going beyond ones limitations.

24 Dec - 10.14pm

Sadhguru wrote: Consecrating people would be the best thing to do because you can move people wherever you want, you can't move this hall wherever you want. But people in today's world have become unreliable, every two days people's intentions keeps shifting... So I am just working the way it works in today's world... If the space is powerful, whoever comes here is touched and transformed.

24 Dec - 10.02pm

Question and answer session with Sadhguru - "What is the difference between consecrating a space, a human being and a form?"

24 Dec - 9.52pm

Crowd bursts into applause as Sadhguru acknowledges all the Brahmacharis and residents who've been working continuously over the last three months to make the Adiyogi Alayam happen.

24 Dec - 9.24pm

Consecration of the Adiyogi Alayam is complete. The session with Sadhguru continued at 9:15 after dinner break.

24 Dec - 7.50pm

The gigantic anklet is lifted by seven Brahmacharis and carried to the entrance of the Alayam and placed around the Adiyogi's right foot.

24 Dec - 7.31pm

He applies kumkum on the linga, draws a set of eyes and places jata on the linga. He then performs a Guru pooja to the Adiyogi and the crowd joins. Then offering of pancha bhutas is followed by a Maha Aarti performed by the Brahmacharis.

24 Dec - 7.10pm

Sadhguru presses the sole of his right foot. A wave of intense cries fills the hall. He then pours water on the linga and removes the cloth from the linga. He smears the venom on the Adiyogi Linga.

24 Dec - 7.07pm

Vibhuti is smeared on Sadhguru's right foot. Sadhguru then pours venom of a black cobra into a glass flask and stoppers it. As he shakes the flask, cries of being overwhelmed emit from the crowd.

24 Dec - 6.57pm

Remnants from the fire process mixed with castor oil, along with black sesame seeds, was offered to all the participants to be applied upon their foreheads.

24 Dec - 6.41pm

Author and poet Arundhathi Subramaniam recites Sadhguru's poem "Adiyogi."


A quiet Sea
A quiet Day
A quiet Mind

But a raging Heart
Blazing with the Fire
Of an ancient Sage.

Burning for many a millennia
Destructive for the ignorant
Enlightening for the seeking
Brutal to the stubborn
Tender to the willing.

When all the tricks fall
The First Yogi's Fire shall
Burn the ignorant pall
To light the future's citadel

Citadels of future are first
built in the minds of Ignorance or Light

These citadels when lit with Grace
Of the Blue-Bodied Maker of all race

Will be a worthy place to dwell here
and a passage to the ways of the beyond.

O' how fortunate are we
To carry the Fire of the Adiyogi.

24 Dec - 5.47pm

Sadhguru does a process with fire in front of the consecrated seat for the Adiyogi Alayam.

24 Dec - 5.12pm

10,000 participants chant in unison to sensitize the space for the consecration. The space feels uplifting and peaceful.

24 Dec - 3.05pm

Samskruti students perform Shivagaami dance - a tribute to the Adiyogi and story of how the Velliangiri mountains became the Kailash of the South.

24 Dec - 2.55pm

Sadhguru wrote: Stability and balance are the most important aspects, whatever one wishes to do

24 Dec - 2.16pm

Sadhguru wrote: The reason why we wanted to create an Adiyogi Alayam is first we want to bring back classical yoga in its purest form

24 Dec - 2.05pm

Guru Pooja was performed in front of the consecrated stone base, which will form the seat for the Adiyogi Alayam. Sadhguru then sat and is now explaining about the consecration process which just happened.

24 Dec - 1.48pm

The stone lid has been slide into place on a metal scaffold, after which Sadhguru decorated the engraved sun and moon with turmeric and kumkum paste.

24 Dec - 1.35pm

The lid has been placed on the brass vessel and Sadhguru has made a thick circle, about a hand-breadth across, out of turmeric paste and sesame seeds, which is in the center of the lid. Sadhguru then removed his mala, placing it over the brass container, after which the stone pit was covered with a white cloth.

24 Dec - 1.03pm

Sadhguru has spread vibhuti over both of his arms and has partially filled the brass vessel with sacred ingredients. He is now placing the container into the stone pit with the help of the Bramhacharis.

24 Dec - 12.56pm

Sadhguru, along with the Bramhacharis, is now preparing a large, cylindrical brass vessel, which will be a powerful foundation for the Adiyogi Alayam Consecration.

24 Dec - 12.35pm

Sadhguru walking amongst participants.

24 Dec - 12.11pm

Sadhguru with Bramhacharis preparing separate stone structure next to Linga for consecration. This will be the base for the dais in the Adiyogi Alayam.

24 Dec - 12.02pm

Sadhguru in Adiyogi Alayam - chanting with participants while walking back and forth in front of hall, making an infinity symbol with his right hand.

24 Dec - 11.53am

Sadhguru is making preparations for next phase of consecration process.

24 Dec - 11.29am

Participants chant in the Adiyogi Alayam in preparation for today's consecration.

24 Dec - 7.26am

Here's a short highlight video from Day 1.


24 Dec - 0.14am

After the process with the vibhuti was completed, Sadhguru performed an Aarthi in front of the Linga, moving the flame in a figure-eight - the symbol of the Infinite. Following this, he broke out into "Yogeshwaraya", joined by Sounds of Isha. At the closing, Sadhguru prepared the participants for the next day, saying that while today happened well, tomorrow will be crucial and that they should be alert to everything that is happening there.

23 Dec - 9.22pm

With burning camphor and torches, Sadhguru began the consecration of the Adiyogi Alayam Linga. 20,000 eager eyes watched as Sadhguru used various materials and processes to energize the Linga. The chanting then continued as Sadhguru lit the top with flames of camphor, after which he did a process for the crown of the Linga. A short break for the participants followed, stay tuned for more updates!

23 Dec - 8.22pm

Today evening, participants witnessed another procession - this time for an enormous anklet made of copper, a symbol of the Adiyogi. A fitting offering to the First Yogi, the anklet was carried by seven bramhacharis in a procession led by Sadhguru. Accompanied by chants and the thundering beat of drums, the anklet came to rest in front of the Linga, where Sadhguru began a consecration process while the participants chanted in the background.

23 Dec - 5.59pm

Participants during dining.

23 Dec - 4.11pm

Over 10,000 participants joined together today to take part in the Adiyogi Alayam Consecration. Sadhguru first spoke about the significance of consecration and told those gathered that they weren't here to witness a consecration - they were here to participate in one! In order to create the right kind of situation where each person could give himself to the fullest, Sadhguru gave the participants a mantra which had been specifically created for this purpose. Chanting went on today for much of the afternoon, which was followed by a video covering the unique and sacred consecrations that have happened in Isha over the last two decades, starting with the Dhyanalinga onwards.

Participants are on a break now until 4:30 - more updates soon...

22 Dec - 9.00pm

Over the past few months, the Adiyogi Alayam has been converted from open land into a magnificent hall, capable of holding over 6,000 people. View the video to get a glimpse of how the whole transformation took place, starting with the Bhumi Pooja to the mass-scale construction to last night's process where Sadhguru established the Linga to be used in the consecration.


20 Dec

Prana Pratishtha
Sadhguru speaks about consecration and the impact it has on our lives.

2 Dec

Did You Know?
10 Facts about the Adiyogi Alayam

30 Nov

Sadhguru's Spot
Stretching Beyond Limits

23 Nov

Sadhguru's Spot
Constructing What is Worthwhile

10 Nov

An Invitation
Adiyogi Alayam Consecration

16 Sep

Adiyogi Alayam Update

26 Aug

Why were Temples Built?
Science behind the construction

15 Jun

A Virtual Tour of the Dhyanalinga Temple Complex
Take a glimpse of the Adiyogi Alayam

27 Apr

Sadhguru's Spot
Sadhguru's shares about Bhumi Pooja

24 Apr

The First Tribute
Bhumi Pooja of the Adiyogi Alayam

25 Feb

Ashram Expansion Underway
The First Post on the Adiyogi Alayam

15 Sep, 2010

Twilight Moments (Video)
Sadhguru explains about beginning construction on the Alayam

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8 years 7 months ago

Bhavam Bhavani Sahitam Namami

Can/not respond tied up with many strings I found on my way, still trying to unwind and in process still winding this trick of life which I have created myself not knowing how to come out, now stuck same time seeing the way to come out only possible with you Sadhguru, you have shown the way which I have always blinded myself what can a being like me offer to you nothing more precious than my life it self, please accept my life as mud under your feet and break my strings. 

Only with you I am able to know a way out.. for me it is your alayam, you are my shiva, merge me into you and use me in anyway you want, break my head my thinking, my mind... please.

Life at your feet

8 years 7 months ago

Shambhoo... Shambhoo..Shambhoo...... Pranams Sadhguru... Ohhhhhh... how much i feel everything happening here where I am around me.. away from the Ashram.... Shambhooo... Shiva.. Shava.. Shiva...  " Brahmananda Swaroopa.. Isha Jagdeesha..... Akila Nanda Swaroopa... Isha Mahesha...."

8 years 7 months ago

Worlds unforgettable event happened... By Sadhguru's Grace i also took part of  "ADHI YOGI ALAYAM" Consecration. i Bow down in front of  Sadhguru...Adhi Yogi'

8 years 7 months ago

I'm missing a great opportunity for the second time(I live in US). I hope ISHA will come up with the consecration DVD as like the one we have for Linga Bhairavi temple consecration. Requesting for the same using this forum as a  medium.

8 years 7 months ago

@ishafoundation Thanks for the updates.

8 years 7 months ago

I have participated the above event.During the chanting mantras for chakras i felt tremendus vibration in my tip of spain. After completion of consecration process, i breaths ......just ...blossoming....No word to explain what happened.....I know everything is happening because of Sadhguru's grace

8 years 7 months ago

thank you so much for this.

8 years 7 months ago

Oh Shambho ! I wish I was there for the Adhi Yogi Aalayam consecration, I wanted to be there more than anything, but some important responsibility came up here in III, so I had to stay here. But, my mind was just there, so I went to Mahima & sat there for  a long time to be soaked in your energy. Longing to participate in the consecration and to be in your presence....Shambho

8 years 7 months ago

My Guru ..... i have no words to say.. only tears...  such a process and experince in my life never experienced.

8 years 7 months ago

Pranams to Sadguru. Though we are miles apart physically and unable to be present in Center, our entire thoughts were in this great event.

8 years 7 months ago

where were we, with three or one guru ? during adiyogi alayam consecration.?.
Pranams Sadhguru, no words to share but immense feel / sense of all ....There's none than our Sadhguru who can go to any an extent for the well being of one and all. Pranams to the creator and the source of creation.  

8 years 7 months ago

My guru..,, No words only tears.. and tears.. Never experienced such a process and situation in my life time. Bow down to you sadhguru..

8 years 7 months ago

Shambhoo.... Sadhguru.....Oh Sadhguru.... Oh My Master.. My Guru... Wish I was there...... Wish my eyes were 2 more to those 20,000 eyes witnessing this consecration..... But Even though I m Physically not with you there at the Ashram... I  am still blessed to have u as my Guru... I am sure you know why I could not be there....Please accept my Pranams.... and I wish all those who are attending the Consecration to have a great time.... 

8 years 7 months ago

I was a particpant of the Aadi Yogi Aalyam conscretion process and it was tremendous experience of being in the conscretion process....Even when I am writing these worthless words tears are flowing out of my eyes...Its all your grace which graced me to experience the glimpse of conscretion process rather than just being a witness to it.... Still I don't know why my nature all of sudden become so intense and furious after I have looked into Sadhguru Bharambramhas picture shown on the screen which I have never experienced in my life.
Ohhhh...Shambhooo....unnai saran adainthen Sadhguru thevaa.......

8 years 7 months ago

I am not able to take part in this Consecration.  Is there a chant i can chant as well during the consecration?

8 years 7 months ago

 I was a particpant of the Aadi Yogi Aalyam concretion...  No words.... only tears.... 

5 years 9 months ago

Sree mahadevo namah

8 years 7 months ago

@ishafoundation link??

8 years 7 months ago

               It takes thousands of life time to be part of this

                The process of creating the creator
                 Aadhi yogi - An infinite creator given the sutras
                 To create himself.

                 The day has came, even Aadhi yogi is waiting too long
                  to be born  

                  The day was quiet with every one in white, gathered
                   together to bring back the Aadhi yogi
                  Our guru, creator, mystic, yogi  came there, now
                  as a mother
                  Chants every where and every one is aware
                   now it's time for the birth

                  Sadhguru started the process, where all of us already showering
                  in his grace.

                   Thrown his energy, thrown his breath, thrown his life for the
                   one who is going to come

                  The time has came for the one to became
                   oh now the timeless came
                   A child, yogi already had his name.

                    What to offer for the one who is all for everyone
                     Sadhguru offered him the milk and venom
                    oh, how to know, how it will be
                     Sadhguru took the same.

                     Tears every where, cries every where, no's everywhere
                     Without knowing only shiva is there

                     Now, we know he called us to create his another form.

8 years 7 months ago

@ishafoundation why 8?

8 years 7 months ago

Ambika Chennai, i was a particepent of  Aadi yogi Alayam consecretion,no words only tears shamboo mahadeva..........en sivane unnai saran adainthen

8 years 7 months ago

RT @ishafoundation Participants chant in the Adiyogi Alayam in preparation for today's consecration

8 years 7 months ago

Rajahmani Thevar & Smt.KR.Vairam Sons Karthik, Rama,

We are associated rather we should say My My My Sadhguru Jaggi has adopted us. 2003 the year I participated 2004 my Smt participated the wholeness. We lived a Royal Life. A small deviation of Fund into New Business, not matured as expected. We were on the Cross Roads. I wanted to throw my Pranam  from this body,deseting the family, when I was on a business trip. I just can not simply Express , I saw My Sadguru's Face looking Laughing at me. Changed my mind, Shifted my family to Chennai, found new avenues to make my life,slowly we got the break, Linga Bhairavi Cosecration my Smt participated, Linga Bhairavi Came to our Home in the Form of LB Yanta & Now My Sadhguru blessed us to participate in the Aadi Yogi Alayam's Consecration. Now I am an Ishanga too. Its all with the Love & Grace of My Sadhguru, The Shiva I see in HIM. We 4 are Blessed Completely by My Sadhguru.

8 years 7 months ago

@ishafoundation Video is not available. Could you proivde the link please.

8 years 7 months ago

I had participated in the cnsecration. True to its description Sdguruji is undoubtedly God Maker because who else on this earth can consecrate like He did Adiyogi consecration. Most spectacular process and I am most blessed and fortunate to be a participant in this sacred consecration. Who ever have participated in this consecration are the ones who are blessed with postive karma because one needs to have positive karma to partcipate in proces where a GOD is consecrating Adhiyogi alayam.  I have read many stories about temples where it says that so and so God or Godess did put up some idol or something in a particular temple ( Sthala puranas) where as I had seen in my present life a GOD himself is consecrating Adhi Yogi Alayam.

Pranams Sdguruji and I am I am grateful to you for having blessed me to be a participant.

8 years 7 months ago

@ishafoundation pictures soon, please.