Youth and Truth Theme Song Video Contest!

The Youth and Truth theme song is here! And we invite all of you to make a music video to celebrate the bubbling enthusiasm and energy that is youth!

What is this Youth and Truth all about ? 

“Youth and Truth” is an initiative launched by Sadhguru to enable youth to attain their fullest potential and bring about a much-needed sense of clarity and balance.

The liveliness of a person is in direct proportion to the wonder one has for life. Youth being one of the liveliest periods of life, it is naturally filled with wonder. Wonder arises from the millions of unanswered questions that arise within, about anything and everything. Beyond goals, beyond successes and failures, beyond dreams and ambitions, beyond emotions and intellectual arguments, there still exist the questions – some articulated, many unarticulated. A genuine question is the best tool to seek out the truth. It doesn’t get satisfied with simplistic solutions the world around has invented to cope with the uncertainties. In all this wonder and exciting confusion, how does one find the right path, or is there a right path?

As part of this, Sadhguru launched the Youth AND truth movement on September 4th in Delhi. He will be travelling across 12 cities meeting students from various universities and interacting with them on whatever matters to them.

You can use this track to make a music video that captures the essence of this song.

The participants have time until 30th September to make and submit their videos. The winning video will be posted on Isha's official online channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram) a week after that.  

Once you are done with your video, upload it on Youtube and send us the link on  


  • Anyone can participate!
  • Please use the Youth and Truth thumbnail and endslide in case you upload them on your personal pages online.
  • The content of the video should appeal to a young audience
  • The winner will be decided by Isha Foundation and the decision will be final and incontestable 
  • Video shall not contain any adult or explicit content                      


Manzilon ke aage pehchanna hai sachch,

Har ghadi, har lamhaa, bus jaanna hai sachch.


Dil ki har dhadkan kahe, bus dhoondhna hai sachch,

Jis tarah bhi ho sake, bus chhoonaa hai sachch.


Duniyaa ko naa maanaa,

Aarazu ko pehechaanaa,


Ab kahaa hai jaanaa?

Ohoo, mujhe jaanna hai sachch.

Ohoo, pehchanna hai sachch.


Ankahe sawaal hain,

Jo kar rahe gudgudi,

Anjaani si pyaas, jo bujhti nahi.


Khwaahishein hain, khwaab hain,

Chaahatein, armaan hain,

Jasbaaton mein, soch mein, gūm hoon kahi.


Saare sawaalon ki uljhan mae mein,

Dhoondhoon sahi raah ko,

Yaa kitaabon mein, yaa guftagoo mein,

Yaa khojoon khud hi mein?


Ohoo, mujhe jaanna hai sachch.

Ohoo, pehchanna hai sachch.



Further past the goals, I want to identify the truth,

Every second, every moment, I want to know the truth.


Every beat of the heart says that I want to seek the truth,

Whatever the means, I just want to touch the truth.


I did not listen to the world,

I recognize my longing (desire to seek)


Now, where do I go?

I want to know the truth.


I want to recognize the truth.

Unasked questions

Tickling me (within),


An unknown thirst, that remains unquenched.

(I have) desires and dreams,

(I have) likes and aspirations,


In feelings and in thoughts, I get lost somewhere.

Knotted up in these questions,

I search for the right path.


(Will I find it) in the books? Or in conversations?

Or do I search within myself?


I want to know the truth.

I want to recognize the truth.

Editor's Note: Whether you're struggling with a controversial query, feeling puzzled about a taboo topic, or just burning with a question that no one else is willing to answer, now is your chance to ask! Ask Sadhguru your questions at

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