Ananda Alai, literally translated as the Wave of Bliss, is a spiritual movement of great magnitude started by Sadhguru. Through a series of Mega Programs and Sathsangs conducted by the Master himself, the offering of spirituality is being made to each and every person willing to receive it.

Sadhguru quotes the story of Ahalya, wife of Sage Gautama, who was turned to stone due to a curse. She was finally liberated from her state by the touch of Rama. Given the fast-paced and stressful life that we lead, many have become stone-like in the world today. What is needed, says Sadhguru, is a touch, or a drop of spirituality, that could open up new dimensions of life that are not in our present experience.

Ever since he himself experienced the divine one afternoon, thirty years ago, atop the Chamundi Hills in Mysore, it has been Sadhguru’s dream and vision to see to it that every human being has this possibility in their life - to touch and experience a dimension beyond the physical, to live blissfully. This blissful nature is the essence of Ananda Alai.

Ananda Alai has been conducted in the form of three-day Mega programs and Sathsangs in various cities. The movement originally began with Mahasathsangs, open to the general public. Thousands of people would gather to hear Sadhguru speak, waiting to be transformed by his words. Over 150,000 people gathered in the larger cities like Chennai – from housewives and business executives to farmers and film stars. Mahasathsangs in the smaller cities drew up to 50,000 people – sometimes, half the city’s population. Sadhguru travelled from one town to another, often without rest, all over Tamil Nadu. Totally he visited 17 cities in a span of just 3 to 4 months. After the Mahasathsangs were concluded, he held special Sathsangs for hundreds of volunteers who made this happen. Touched by the dedication and willingness displayed by the people of Tamil Nadu, Sadhguru announced three-day Inner Engineering Programs in Tamil and English in the form of Mega Classes that he himself would teach. After almost 13 years, he took classes in Tamil.

In the span of approximately one year, these Mega Programs have been conducted in five different cities and towns – Madurai, Trichy, Chennai, Salem and Bangalore. Starting with Tamil Nadu, the movement is slowly spreading to major cities across India. And the response to these programs has been phenomenal. As a result of the hard work and dedication of hundreds of volunteers in each location under the guidance of Sadhguru, around 50,000 people have been able to benefit from the mega programs so far. The highest attendance being in Chennai, where a whopping 14,523 people attended the program.


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What was touching in all these programs was not the sheer number of people who attended, but the manner in which they were present during the three days. The warm welcome extended to Sadhguru in each of the cities and the eagerness with which people listened to Sadhguru’s words was unbelievable. It was a common sight to find people in tears of bliss and joy after each of the programs were over. The mere sight and presence of Sadhguru was sufficient to bring a significant change in the tens of thousands of people who were gathered.

Keeping with his dream to see that no person is left behind, that every human being has the possibility of living and dying blissfully, Sadhguru has plans to spread the Ananda Alai, the Wave of Bliss, across the entire country. Next in line is Mumbai, where the program is scheduled to happen from 16th to 18th of December

Sadhguru says that the possibility of experiencing the divine exists for each and every individual, but there is a distance between the possibility and reality. A conducive atmosphere is required for people to bring in the necessary focus, in order to make the distance. Ananda Alai is one of the myriad ways in which Sadhguru makes this possible for everybody.

It is Sadhguru’s wish and blessings that every human being should make that distance.