Coimbatore Vizha is a celebration of the the spirit of Coimbatore. Vizha gives both residents and travelers to Coimbatore a chance to see the different sides of the city, during several events happening around the city, from 19th to 27th January. Including music and dance events, talks and lectures, and discussions on various topics, Coimbatore Vizha is an effort to bring alive the strong cosmopolitan traits of Coimbatore.

Sounds of Isha was invited to perform a two-hour concert at the Vizha on Republic Day, 26th January, at Brookfields Mall. The concert was attended by over 500 people, many of whom had never before heard the group perform. While many could not stop themselves from dancing, others silently enjoyed the performance with their eyes closed.

The band began the evening with a folk number. The flute hummed a strain, and drums lent support to the song, transporting the audience at once to some distant villages. Most of the numbers had a tribal feel to it. The song, “Salem,” composed once during a mike testing session a few hours before a performance held in Salem, made even small children dance to its lively beats. The crowd cheered as the song came to an end.

There were melodious pieces too, such as the Hindi bhajan, “Indira Dhanush”. Describing the different colors of a rainbow, the song had a meditative feel to it.


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There were more peppy numbers such as “Celebration” and “Velliangiri”. True to its name, “Celebration” was a fast and fun number. The evening ended on the soft notes of violin and guitar for the song “Alai Alai”.

A new Isha Shoppe location is opening soon in Brookfields mall in Coimbatore. Keep your eyes open for our space there if you happen to be in the city!

Content source - The Hindu