A  self-described “Yogini”, Smita Joshi is someone interested in bringing spirituality into people’s daily lives. Her first question hit on the difficulties one faces walking the spiritual path, while living in a family environment. Sadhguru immediately addressed the fact that people essentially create a family as a support, not as a hurdle or challenge. However he went on to explain that any situation can be a distraction if you’re not well-established enough. It’s not your family which is keeping you distracted because even your mind can keep you distracted without any outside support. He went on to explain that the way we choose to arrange our lives is a question of creating a certain ambiance, as spirituality is essentially an inward process.

The interviewer went on to ask questions on a variety of topics from the need to ask questions on the spiritual path, the purpose of the rituals people perform, and Sadhguru’s own experience and Realization.


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