Isha Vidhya’s teachers frequently come up with fun, engaging new ways to impart lessons to students. Here are a few that kindergarten teachers are using to make school a joyful experience for the children.

Young kids learn a lot more through activities than by the strict discipline of memorizing facts by repeating it after the teacher. At Isha Vidhya, the teachers make a lot of effort to create activities for the learning that students are required to master in the grade. Let’s return to our childhood by going through of the activities that the UKG teachers of the Isha Vidhya Villupuram School conducted in their classroom.

Hide and Seek Vegetables

Kids love to play hide and seek and this was used to create an activity with vegetables, to help students with Science and Maths. A bunch of different vegetables was placed on a table and students would identify them one by one and count the total number of vegetables.

What Elf Am I?


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Who doesn't like to be an elf? All the students in Mrs. Sangeetha’s class got a chance to be one during the activity, “Which elf am I?” One student would sit blindfolded and try and identify the elf, who would stand near him calling out “Which Elf Am I?” The blindfolded student would try to recognize the voice of his classmate and speak out the name of the student in front of him. The activity helps to develop the observation power of students.

Missing Vegetable Game

The Missing Vegetable Game was the precursor to the Hide and Seek Vegetables game. The teacher, Ms. Jamuna Mary, introduced the vegetables with their names to her class and then explained their properties like color and health benefits. She then placed them on a table and asked the class to close their eyes so that one of the vegetable could be hidden. Then, a students would be invited to guess which vegetable had been removed. If the guess was right, the reward was a handshake from the teacher. If the answer was wrong, the student was given clues in the form of the characteristics that were described earlier. The kids loved the game and waited to win the handshake with the teacher.

Editor’s Note: Isha Vidhya is looking for volunteers to help them search the internet for information that can aid teachers in lesson-planning and creating activities. If you can spare some time every week, are comfortable searching the internet for topic-based information, and would like to create a better school experience for Isha Vidhya’s rural students, please write to