W ith just one week left before Sadhguru’s arrival, the intensity and excitement of the Houston volunteers is so palpable that volunteers and teachers from out of town that are just arriving to Houston can feel it. Volunteers locally and nationwide continue to promote the IE program as teachers and residents at the center and other volunteers nationwide plan out the logistics of the 3-day program; from itinerary to volunteer assignments to decorations, lighting, and sound coordination.

Overall, while there have been challenges during the last 6 months of making Sadhguru’s visit to Houston and the IE program happen, it has not dampened anyone’s motivation. During the last month alone, there have been several IE promotional events in Houston attracting up to 150 people per event with music, an IE intro talk, and Isha Kriya session (not to mention the Tamil street play translated into English!). These events have resulted in over 100 additional registrations.

'Indo American News' salutes Sadhguru
Houston by now knows of Sadhguru’s visit. From billboards with his photo and IE program announcement, to radio interviews (watch Masala Radio DJ, Sunil Thakkar interview Sadhguru about his upcoming visit) and ads and print media articles and advertisements. Volunteers continue to attend various community events throughout town to meet people and talk to them about the program.

The thing to remember is that, this program doesn’t just belong to Houston volunteers. It belongs to everyone. Houston has received tremendous support from the teachers and volunteers residing in other parts of the country. Several volunteers from out of state have come for a few weeks or even just a weekend from Maine, Minnesota, Ohio, and Tennessee. They have left an indelible impression on the local volunteers. This week, more will steadily stream into town from all over, including Canada, to help with final days of promotion and program coordination and execution.

Sadhguru’s message to Houston


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