The Los Angeles community welcomed Sadhguru for his discourse entitled ‘Is There A Spirituality We All Can Share?’, which was followed by a candid dialogue with Rabbi David Wolpe at the Sinai Temple on 10 June.

The VIP reception prior to the discourse offered influential invitees from the entertainment and business communities an opportunity to interact with Sadhguru in an intimate setting.

As the hour of the talk approached, guests began to arrive in a steady stream, commenting that it seemed everyone in LA was trying to come to this event and no one seemed to be deterred by the long lines for the security check to enter the temple. Sadhguru began speaking with his typical wit and wisdom, immediately captivating the filled-to-capacity audience of over 900. Rabbi Wolpe, highly respected member of the Jewish community and recently named the #1 Rabbi in America by Newsweek magazine, commented on the full temple by saying that he now knows what it takes to make his temple full – one needs to “bring an Indian Mystic.”


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Sadhguru then spoke about how religion is not about one person’s belief against another but a possibility for everyone to reach the common and ultimate source of life. He shared that the Joy we all are seeking in life will only come when we look beyond prejudices and accept that all individuals are part of one source. The ensuing dialogue between Sadhguru and Rabbi Wolpe challenged many to consider life and their own journey afresh. Sadhguru’s words resounded meaningfully to the heterogeneous audience of mixed ethnic backgrounds, social classes and religious traditions, as he discussed a fundamental subject every human being can relate to – Life.

A dessert reception and book signing followed the discourse. Guests crowded the room, hoping for a moment face-to-face with Sadhguru and the opportunity to ask their life’s questions. Others engaged in conversations with Isha volunteers, wanting to know more about Isha Yoga programs, personal experiences with Isha Yoga, and the Foundation’s outreach initiatives.

After the book signing, Sadhguru was speaking to a few guests encircling him with questions and a visible longing for more. Meanwhile, off to one side, an older woman was simply gazing at Sadhguru with tears in her eyes. She shared with a nearby volunteer how she had seen a flier announcing the event just a few days ago and knew she must come and be in his presence. No further explanation was needed for her tears. Watching Sadhguru interact with the people and how they responded to him was an opportunity to witness something beyond words. With over 900 people present, how could it be that each individual seemed to receive exactly what they needed from him?

The members of the Sinai temple who graciously hosted the talk were deeply touched by Sadhguru and very pleased by the response of not just the Jewish community but the greater Los Angeles community in attending this event. Several influential community leaders were repeatedly asking when they could invite Sadhguru back to LA.

A volunteer summed up her experience of the event this way: “Volunteering in LA was an opportunity of seeing individual limitations and resistance… acknowledging and accepting… receiving and growing… all in His presence.” It was an opportunity for Grace, for all present…