Chandrajeevan, Sounds of Isha’s first Hindi album, is out, released on Guru Purnima, 2015.

Chandrajeevan, Sounds of Isha’s latest album, was released on Guru Purnima, 2015. A compilation of seven songs composed for various occasions at the Isha Yoga Center, the album is Sounds of Isha's first Hindi set. Pay what you wish and download it.

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Every emotion, every thought, every aspect and dimension of human experience finds its most deep-seated expression when one sets out on the path of spiritual seeking. The love of the master, the overpowering pain of longing, celebrating his presence, and even dilemma, becomes sweet. "Chandrajeevan" is an attempt to express the same through word and sound. Allow the music to reverberate within, and have a taste of that sweetness.

Aye Hain Saavare

"Aye Hain Saavare", one of the tracks from Chandrajeevan, was written for a sathsang welcoming sadhguru back after spending 6 months in the united states.


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आए हैं सांवरे, ओ मोरे गांव रे
मिली इक ठांव रे, न जाओ सांवरे ||

Aye hain saanvare, o mere gaaon re
Mili ek thaanv re, na jaao saanvare

He has arrived in my village
And I have found my refuge.
Promise, O Dark One, never to desert me again.

आसमां फूल बरसाओ, हवाओं इत्र फैलाओ
अपनी पलकें बिछा करके, धरा तुम मंगल तो गाओ
पखारूं चरण कमलों को, मैं अपने भीगे नैनों से
चरणामृत पान करके, धरा तुम धन्य हो जाओ ||

Aasmaan phool barasaao, hawaaon itr failao
Apni palaken bichhaa karke, dharaa tum mangal to gaao
Pakharoon charaNa kamalon ko, main apne bheege nainon se
Charnaamrut paan karake, dhara tum dhanya ho jaao

Sky, unleash your deluge of flowers,
Winds, scatter this perfume everywhere,
Four Directions, unfurl your welcome and burst into auspicious song
As I wash his feet with my tears,
Earth, consume this nectar and attain to immortal life.

निशा तुम कोमल हस्तों से, इन्हें काजल लगा देना,
शशी इन भव्य भालों पे चन्दन तिलक सजा देना
मुखड़ा यह तेजोमंडित है रवि तू ना शर्माना
इन से जान लेना तू नभ में अपना ठिकाना

Nishaa tum komal haston se, inhe kaajal lagaa dena,
Shashi in bhavya bhaalon pe chandan tilak sajaa denaa
Mukhadaa yah tejomandit hairavi tu na sharamaanaa
Ina se jaan lenaa tum nabh mein apnaa thikaana

Night, with your soft fingers, anoint his eyes with kohl
Moon, mark his resplendent forehead with sandal paste and vermilion
How radiant is his face! Come now, Sun, cast aside your diffidence
Go ask him to show you your place in the sky.

Editor’s Note: For more of Sounds of Isha’s music, check out their YouTube channel.