How Does The Bhairavi Yantra Support And Benefit You?

"The Bhairavi Yantra is for those who are actively involved with life", Sadhguru explains, "and they want "lubrication" for their actions with the Grace of Devi."

"The Bhairavi Yantra is for those who are actively involved with life," Sadhguru explains, "and they want "lubrication" for their actions with the Grace of Devi."

Participant: Sadhguru, could you please explain to us the difference between Sadhguru Sannidhi, Linga Bhairavi Yantra and Avighna Yantra and how do we choose which is suitable for us to bring it home. Is it based on our limitations or our strengths in terms of practices? Could you please explain that to us?

Sadhguru: Not in much of a speaking mood today. (Laughs) The Bhairavi Yantra is for those who are actively involved with life and they want to lubricate, they have many things to do in the world. They want to do many things in the world. They want to lubricate their actions with the Grace of the Devi. People who are actively involved in businesses, careers, family life - one of the main things which does not allow a human being to find his full potential is friction. Friction need not necessarily mean that you are getting into a fight with somebody but when you try to be active in a big way it builds up around you. So to be able to keep the friction levels low, determines how far you will endure. If the friction increases you will want to stay away from activity or you get into one big mess. It does not matter how important a certain goal is for you, if every day when you step out and try to do something, friction is coming, slowly you will develop an aversion to that very dear goal of yours in your life. Hmm? Slowly you will become a kind of a renunciate (Laughs) because you can’t deal with the friction. Most human beings I would say, I would say 80% of the human beings have hugely curtailed the possibility of what they could do in their life simply because they cannot deal with the friction that they naturally generate when they get into briskly into activity. So they curtail their lives and keep it very small and protected. They think that’s the smart way to deal. It’s not a very smart way to deal because instead of bringing lubrication, you are keeping the engine off. That’s not a good thing. If your engine is making funny noises, what it needs is lubrication, not to be kept in the garage forever. Then the very purpose of why it is here is lost. So Devi and all the forms, different types of yantras available with regard to Devi is about that, to bring Grace in such a way that you can take up things and do things and you still do not get into friction. Her Grace will take care of that. What are the different things that you said? There are only two or three right? Only two, Sannidhi and…

Participant: Sannidhi, __ (Unclear)

Sadhguru: No two, it’s just one. The other one is just a question of size. We estimated if the homes are anywhere between 2000-2500 sq. ft of home, we thought the small yantra would do. When we noticed that the homes are larger than that, we said this is not enough and we brought the Avighna. And Avighna has a slightly more business-like attitude towards it, more for success and prosperity. But of course those who want to make use of it for spiritual processes can also always make use of it. That element is always the basic element. The idea is to create an energy form, to create assistance for people to do whatever they want to do.


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