These 20 and odd years of meticulously crafting this process have now taken shape into a massive spiritual movement across Tamil Nadu. And the last mega program in Trichy, or Tiruchirappalli as it is known, went off in tremendous fashion. A month ago, you wouldn’t have imagined that 10,000 people could be initiated into Shambhavi in one day. And now, that has become the norm. People thought spirituality was only on the hilltop or in a temple, but now it has come down to the street and into people’s homes, lives and hearts. And that process is going to multiply manifold in the next 18 months as per the plan.

During the three days of the program, the best thing is what I saw in the people. The wonderful work that our teachers and volunteers have done is such that for the first time, people come to the class in such a way that if you just tell them, ‘Close your eyes’ everybody closes them. Even in a small class, we had to tell people, ‘Please, you close your eyes, and you close your eyes…’ -- but no such thing. And now, for all 10,000 people, ‘eyes closed’ means ‘eyes closed’. Never before was this possible. This is the kind of work that has happened in the last few years. People understand this is serious business, it is not something to be taken lightly; it is not time to look up and down.

This is the level of interest and commitment in people from all walks of life, from auto rickshaw drivers to top-level officials and business people. In all of them, irrespective of who they are and what they are doing in their lives, they want to do something about themselves. Not buy a ticket to heaven, no miracles, no pulling gold chains from thin air -- they are just willing to work for their own well-being. That is a tremendous thing.


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This has already become a mass movement, but I don’t call it mass unless just about everybody is hit. So we are crafting things for the whole of South India. In the next two years' time, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala will also go in a certain way.

Today, I am in Chennai speaking at an important club, and tomorrow we will be holding the next mega Isha Yoga Program.  We’re trying to cap the registration at 13,000 here in Chennai. The weather is heating up, promising a frying pan of a summer -- things are hot on all spheres.

Time to do some cool yoga…

Love & Grace

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