From Creation to Creator - Sadhguru

Sadhguru Wisdom Audio | From the Creation to Creator - Sadhguru

In "From Creation to Creator", Sadhguru shares his deep wisdom and understanding about core questions of humanity. Effortlessly tackling challenging subjects like creation, creator, spirituality, life and death, he unravels the very mysteries of existence.

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11 months 1 week ago

From the last 3 days every cell in my body is burning like hell.i am having intense pain in my head. Every now & then these things keep on happening to me. And this started happening only after Sadhguru ji had initiated me(it was 6 months before I did shambahvi, I was doing isha kriya,my eyes were still closed,I saw sadhguru,then a light went in between my eyebrows & I felt like I am entering into a tunnel of light,). Sadhguru ji I hold your feet,please help me. There is something wrong with my energy body.

11 months 1 week ago

Hi. The things you describe I think are normal during this spiritual process. I have not experienced any of the things related with the light that you mentioned or a pain so intense and no one has initiated me directly (I've been following Sg teachings for a while) but yes, I felt different sensations (a huge amount of energy pushing my head back during meditation, a vibrant body, pressure in my head,...). So, do not be afraid, I do not think is something wrong but you can check it with a doctor anytime, just in case. I recommend you to observe all it with calmness and faith. Relax and keep exploring. Greetings!

11 months 1 week ago

Hola Sadhguru