The Loveable Thief

Sadhguru recounts how Krishna was loved by everyone in his community despite his relentless butter-thieving!
The Loveable Thief

Sadhguru recounts how Krishna was loved by everyone in his community despite his relentless butter-thieving!

Sadhguru: When Krishna grew a little older, at around five, six years of age, his butter thieving pranks got more organized, and people who were losing their butter got more and more distressed. Constantly, people were coming to his mother and complaining, “Your boy, please keep him at home!” So, mother Yashodha scolded him but he had his way with her. If she scolded him, he knew how to cry immediately. He would put his face down on the floor and just cry and bawl, waiting for her to attend. He even goes to the extent of saying, “I did get angry but not like other people. When other people got angry, for example my elder brother Balarama, he screamed, he stamped his foot, he paced up and down; I could see he was wasting a lot of his energy. Even my mother used to get angry. When she really got angry she wasted her energy knitting her brows, twitching her nose and throwing herself around. I did not get angry like that. I just got angry to the extent it was necessary.”

He continued to play all his tricks but one day he got a real scolding. Then he decided that these people who are constantly complaining about him would have to be taught a lesson. He began to plan what he would have to do. In the middle of the afternoon one day, he was walking near the river bank and he found all the gopis were having bath in the river. There were young women, old women, girls, all kinds. Krishna thought this would be a good opportunity to have some fun, and went and hid in the bushes. He saw where all the gopis had kept their clothes on the river bank before going into the river.

In those days, separate times of the day were fixed for men and women to bathe in the river. When it was time for the women to bathe, no one would come there so they had total freedom in the river. Krishna bundled up all their clothes, climbed up a tree and just quietly sat there. The women, busy playing in the water and having a bath, didn’t notice anything. When it was time to come out, they came out and saw to their horror that their clothes were missing. They screamed and yelled because they had no clothes now. Where were they to go? When they started screaming and howling, he started playing sweet notes on his flute. Then they screamed and abused him and said, “Come down you fool.” But Krishna just continued to play his flute, not bothered by what they were saying to him. Then from screaming and scolding they came down to pleading and begging and after much begging, he told them, “If you want your clothes, we will make a deal. You don’t go and complain to my mother again and again. You get that?” They were ready to agree to anything because they were naked and had no clothes.

Krishna took out the clothes and when everyone had their clothes, he got down and playing his flute, walked away. Among themselves the women said, “Oh, what a terrible boy! What a sweet boy! Aren’t we glad he’s only seven and not seventeen.”

Krishna is such a huge factor in the cultural ethos of this country because this is a man who romped through his life, no matter what was happening. Though Krishna stole butter from everyone’s homes and played tricks and all kinds of pranks on them, still, everyone loved him because he was in tune with them. He was in perfect tune with life around him. Only when you feel in tune with someone you will feel pleasantness. When you don’t feel in tune with someone, they don’t have to do anything wrong to you, if you just look at them – unpleasantness. When you are in tune, being loving, being joyful, being like a flower is very natural to you because that is how this being is made.

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4 years 11 months ago

Some of these stories I just don't understand. Krishna seems to be a manipulative asshole. I don't mean to insult anyone's god but I really don't understand why Sadhguru seems for certain mischief and against ethics and morality. Morality and riteousness are the strongest and most potent tools against injustice. One's humanity is not as able as one's morality to stand up fully to mischief.

4 years 11 months ago

Amir, I can try to answer your question, if you are actually interested in an answer.
Sadhguru and and all Hindus love such stories to show the action and reaction of an extremely smart CHILD ( Krishna ), on how to win the hearts of others ( GOPIS ) by using emotions, intense love (raas) , music ( FLUTE ). Again, he emphasized that Krishna was only 7 years old ( not 17 ) years, so this mischief cannot be called immoral by any means.
All that Krishna did in his childhood, would make any girl fall in love with him. ALL Young, OLD, women love Sri Krishna. Anybody who reads the stories of the childhood of Sri Krishna will fall DEEPLY IN LOVE.
We men also want love right? So here the message is INTENSE LOVE, which could be seen through the eyes of a BHAKT ( LOVER / DEVOTEE ) not a pervert.
And as per the actual story, these Gopis were sanyasis in their previous birth, who did a lot of tapasya/ meditation to attain Sri Krishna.
And when Sri Krishna actually took birth to fulfill their wishes, they were not able to see the GOD in him, because of THEIR BODY/ EGO/ MAYA.
My humble suggestion to you is, read such stories of Sri Krisha again, with LOVE / DEVOTION. Then you would understand the meaning and message. Probably you too would fall in love.
God Bless You My Friend !!

4 years 11 months ago

Intense love and devotion is one of the most beautiful things and sacred things a human being has. It also puts the devotee in a very vulnerable position as your very heart is open to the beloved. Exploitation of any kind, manipulation of any kind, is taking advantage of someone's love. It's not about Krishna and I know he is a child here but it sounds like Sadhguru is approving of something that I cannot possibly accept. Krishna has been stealing. Then he stole people's clothes and the people begged on their knees and pleaded to him "o please give us our clothes back" And he gave them an ultimatum to not complain about his stealing. Some of these stories are more like a player than a God. Please understand, I am not talking about Krishna in particular. I know there is a certain playfulness involved in this. I spent some time at the US Ashram. There was a kid that was bullying everyone, every day, continously. Me and him kept getting in fights and I told the people in charge about him and they couldn't do anything about it. It was pathetic. Here you had someone that was conciously bothering and manipulating people and taking advantage of people and they weren't doing anything about it. If this is what Isha is, that injustices are not to be handled, I might be in the wrong place. The only person that was really standing up to the person was me and I was very ill trying to recover from severe depression. I am never going to forget the impotence of the Ashram when I was asking for their help and assistance about handling some of the misconducts. No other institution I have ever heard of such things could continue in and if they did others would do something about it. I am not trying to complain about this person, he is not a bad person but his behaviour was absolutely inappropriate. Then they talk about aesthetics and vegetarianism and this and that but here we had an actual situation that had to be handled and they absolutely failed to do anything about it. My point is all this, I am trying to understand if these were just bad incidents that happened or does Isha, in general, think such things are ok and they don't want to interfere. I also mentioned the example of Sadhguru saying how he kidnapped spirits to make dhyanalinga. This is a violation of the sanctity of the spirits. To do such things without their will. I have difficulty fully trusting him as my Guru. As much as I love Sadhguru, as much as I am a devotee and live by his words, I have difficulty trusting because of such situations. The truth is, the only real way to evolve spiritually is to surrender your will to something greater. Whether it is God, Religion or Guru. In an existence where a predator devours a deer to pieces, I have difficulty surrendering to God. With religions in which ridiculous laws and ideas are asked to be followed no matter what, I can't surrender to such religions. If I would, I would have to go against my own intelligence and science and say the world started with Adam and Eve. With tremendous occult powers and capability and at the same time, not being against manipulations, how can I fully trust Sadhguru. I do. But this is an ongoing struggle. My own will and my own intellegence or that of a spiritual master, which can be trusted most. Sorry for the long message. Feel free to respond if you have any genuine answer. More than anything else, I am a seeker of truth.

3 years ago

hahaha ? yeah why not ? stories are funny but he just enjoyed butter, he did not like it when anyone came in middle of him and his butter.god see things like that. he troubled people but his pranks were such that even as a child he was capable of manipulating his mom and blame everything on balaram, even his own mistakes. for which balram got punished ? but most important aspect of him was his ability to manipulate and get things done which he considered right. like it's right of a child to eat butter chocolates, whose butter? whose chocolate how a god is supposed to know? when you all givr him soo much and when he finally arrives to play with you. you complain? ? not cool!! asholes!