Market Access

Connect weavers to local and international markets through designers, brands, and trade shows.

There already exists a growing demand for environment-friendly and sustainable fashion. While a larger customer base is beginning to understand the importance of eco-friendly clothing, there happen to be very few wearable, visually appealing options available that are also affordable for most consumers.

This is an opportunity to connect our weavers to the local and international markets and bring forth a vast variety of sustainable garments using techniques native to India. Since many of these are on the verge of extinction due to lack of generational transmission, it is necessary to create effective channels for these weavers in the current market.

We plan on doing this by:

  • Setting up a portal to connect weavers to the international market through designers, brands, and trade shows.
  • Developing Isha’s own range of "Save The Weave" merchandise to be sold through our online and offline outlets.
  • Approaching national retailers to offer dedicated retail space for "Save The Weave" merchandise.

We welcome all support in making these beautiful weaves available to all!