Sadhguru is coming to Texas in the U.S. for the first time! On May 4th, 5th, 6th Sadhguru will personally conduct a three-day Inner Engineering program at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.

The group of Houstonians who went on the Kailash-Manasarovar trek last year asked Sadhguru to come to their city for a program. When Sadhguru visited the U.S. later that year and held darshan at Isha Institute of Inner Sciences (iii), he said just as Isha Foundation was spreading a wave of bliss throughout Tamil Nadu, he wanted to start a wave of bliss in the U.S. by personally conducting three-day Inner Engineering programs for thousands of people. Many who attended campaigned fiercely for their own cities, including Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Houston, to name just a few. The volunteer base in many of these cities is over 200 strong. Houston’s volunteer base at the time was much smaller, but the fire within them to make it happen was just as intense as the other cities.

Since Houston has been selected, volunteers have been working non-stop. Teachers, iii residents, and volunteers throughout the United States have been supporting Houston volunteers in making this program a success!


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One of the ways the program has been promoted is through the offering of Isha Kriya sessions. People from all over the Houston area have been touched by Isha Kriya thanks to the coordination efforts of the volunteers. Over 100 sessions have been conducted throughout Texas from libraries to religious establishments to retirement and assisted living, and medical communities, to corporate locations, universities, and fairs and expos. Isha Kriya has profoundly touched every single participant, no matter where it has been held. Many have experienced immediate health benefits including relief from headaches and migraines, a feeling of relaxation and calmness, feeling energized, and more.

Bangar Reddy Aaloori, a Houston community leader and participant at an Isha Kriya session said, "I have been working with all the Isha volunteers to see that Isha’s Inner Engineering program, which for the first time will be directly taught by Sadhguru in Houston, is successful and happens in a grand scale. It’s very interesting to note that many well-known professionals, doctors and community leaders who otherwise have extremely busy schedules have signed up for this event. Most importantly, what touched me is to see the teamwork of Isha volunteers who stay calm and make every effort to reach out to the Greater Houston community to register for this program while explaining the benefits it offers in regards to inner wellbeing. So, I myself registered for the program and I look forward to attending. I am also encouraging my friends, near and dear to participate in the program. I hope this is a very successful event. Houston awaits with a Texas-size welcome for Sadhguru.”

Houston volunteers feel immense gratitude towards every single person nationwide who has been working passionately alongside them. Everyone around the world is invited to this special event which will transform your life and help you achieve inner wellbeing.

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