T The day has almost arrived. Just a few days to go before the Inner Engineering program with Sadhguru hits Mumbai.

Volunteers and teachers have been putting in a phenomenal effort over the past few months to inform the people of Mumbai of this wonderful possibility. Over 500 Isha Kriya sessions including more than a 100 for corporates have been conducted. Over 7 lakh brochures, 2.5 lakh Isha Kriya DVDs, and 3 lakh invitations have reached Mumbaikars.

On the 11th of December, all the volunteers and teachers got together to take stock of the happenings and share their experience of volunteering for the program enrollments. Taking a cue from the Salem meditators, the Mumbai volunteers also re-enacted a skit that they had been performing in various parts of Mumbai, in order to raise awareness about the program.

Two things that struck most of us from the sharings was, “Let me not presuppose whether the person standing in front of me will accept the brochure and do the program or just walk away from me. My activity is to give him the brochure with full involvement, whether he accepts or not is not for me to decide.”


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The second thing that made a big impact on me was the realization that on Friday evening, when the program starts at 6.30pm, when I am there sitting inside the hall as a volunteer, I should not have a single speck of doubt that I could have enrolled more people, or that I could have done one more distribution somewhere. I absorbed both these points from the sharing and everything changed for me. A new range of possibilities opened in front of me.

Just to sit there and see my own limitations getting dissolved one by one, minute by minute, is a liberating experience.

Can’t wait for the Wave of Bliss to hit Mumbai!

- Adita Jain, Mumbai

Join us this Friday, 16th December for Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering program in the heart of Mumbai. Don’t forget to check out the blog each day for exclusive footage from the event!