F rom May 4th-6th, Sadhguru was in Houston to conduct a Inner Engineering program, which drew almost 1000 participants - the largest program in the US so far. All the aspects of the three-day course would come alive for the participants in the form of Shambhavi Mahamudra – an initiation into a powerful and ancient yoga kriya.

Sadhguru started the day asking the participants to introduce themselves and also share why they were there. One participant shared that he came because he loves Sadhguru’s jokes; to which Sadhguru wittily replied: “We’re here for some serious business.”

Other participants have come due to someone they know having been positively impacted by Isha’s programs. Some also explained they want to look at the world in a different way.

Sadhguru then spoke about desire and its role in our lives:

“The fear of suffering is constantly ruling within: If something doesn’t happen, what will happen to me? So, what should we do with the desire? When something you want doesn’t happen, it makes you miserable, isn’t it? Desire seems to be the source of misery. At the same time, if you compromise the desire, in some way, you compromise your life process. Why is it like this? It seems to be the basis of your life and the basis of your misery which some conclude: life is misery. Life is not misery, nor is it joy. You can be joy or misery, yes or no? Life is simply there. Either you can experience it joyfully or miserably.”


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The second day of the program took place on a momentous occasion - Buddha Poornima , honoring the day Gautama the Buddha attained Enlightenment almost 2500 years ago. As Sadhguru mentioned the previous day, this was not planned, but a pleasant coincidence. Participants walked in early, eagerly looking forward to what this profound day had to offer.

Day two was marked by discussions and an introduction to Shambhavi Mahamudra. It was amazing to see these 1000 “yogis” working together to step into this new world. Some had questions, which Sadhguru answered in detail for the seekers.

Some quotes during the program:

Problem is not with the content of your life. You have simply missed the context of your life!"

Intuition is a different dimension of computing and not a different dimension of perception."

The last day was the event all had been eagerly awaiting – the initiation into Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya. Participants were in states of intense meditation and bliss as the practice was imparted to them, opening up a tremendous inner possibility.