Sadhguru at Business Today Mindrush 2013

Last Saturday, Sadhguru spoke at Business Today Mindrush 2013, a 2-day conference. His session was titled “Ctrl-Alt-Detox” and was about getting relief from stress.

On December 14, 2013, Sadhguru spoke at Business Today Mindrush, a 2-day event in Gurgaon.

In a session titled “Ctrl-Alt-Detox” with TVTN Network Executive Editor Koel Purie as moderator, Sadhguru dove to the root cause of stress: “the problem is that your mind and body are not taking instructions from you.”

He described the human mechanism as the most sophisticated gadget. The tragedy is that though we have a supercomputer in our hands, we are “using hammer-and-anvil technology” and have failed to learn how to use it.

Sadhguru demonstrated the sensitivity of the human system when he led the audience through a small experiment where they focused on their breath as they placed their palms facing upward and then downward. He asked, “Do you notice a change in your breath?” He pointed out the change in one’s breathing just by changing the position of one’s hands. Extrapolating to a larger arena of life, he made his point: “Unless you do the right things, the right things will not happen to you.”

The one hour session continued, covering topics ranging from managing an organization, the importance of having perspective, sexual harassment and questions on work-life balance. Despite the seriousness of the subjects at hand, the session remained lively as Sadhguru filled it with quips and provocative insights that left the audience alternating between laughter and thoughtful silence.

Other speakers at the event included: Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia; Buddhist scholar and practitioner Dharmacharya Shantum Seth; John Kao of the Institute of Innovation; Games2Win CEO Alok Kejriwal; Sampark Foundation Founder & former HCL Technologies CEO Vineet Nayar; Professor Madan Pillutla of London Business School; Riyaz Amlani, CEO and MD of Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality; Sasha Mirchandani, MD and founder of KAE Capital; Sachin Bansal, CEO and co-founder of Flipkart; and Deep Kalra, Chairman and Group CEO of; and Devdutt Pattanaik, Chief Belief Officer, Future Group.