T he Hyderabad Marathon, which took place in Hyderabad on 26th August 2012, was a great opportunity for Isha volunteers to run for Isha Vidhya and raise funds for this special cause. Although 55 volunteers registered to run in the marathon, finally over 30 members made the run on the rainy August morning morning. It was wonderful to note that most crossed the finish line in less than 4 hours. A volunteer from Vadodara, Gujarat, finished in just 02:20, while two volunteers from Hyderabad finished in about 02:50. Many others finished before 03:30; it was good to see volunteers over 45 finish the course with ease.

The starting point for the course was People’s Plaza on Necklace Road and kicked off at 5am, finishing at the GMC Balayogi Stadium in Gachibowli. The runners were cheered by volunteers who came to the stadium and put up banners. Isha Kriya DVDs were also distributed to all 3500 runners in the marathon.

The marathon is run mostly by non-athletes, who run for causes they believe in, spreading awareness, gaining support and raising funds. The volunteers managed to raise around Rs. 4.2 lakhs for Isha Vidhya – an amount that will support 42 children through one whole academic year. Congratulations to everyone involved!

We’d like to thanks all the runners, volunteers, donors and well-wishers who made this year’s marathon a success!


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