July 25, 2011 marked another milestone for the Isha Construction team.

After the morning brunch, Ashram residents and volunteers made their way barefoot, through muddy paths where patterns of tractor wheels were etched into the clay-like earth. Soon they arrived at a site, resembling an archaeological excavation site, that would soon host a massive Theerthakund.

The Theerthakund will stand adjacent to the Aadhi Yogi Alayam. This spacious underground body of water will contain three rasalingas which will energize the water, and enhance one’s receptivity to the energy of Dhyanalinga. Taking a dip in this vibrant water can correct any pranic imbalances and bring forth a tremendous sense of rejuvenation in both body and mind. The new Theerthakund will be solely for men, while the smaller Theerthakund, currently in-use, will be exclusively for women.

To honor the onset of this construction, Guru Pooja was performed. The cool winds danced as the song of chants filled the air. After invoking the Grace of the Guru, and distribution of vibhuti and prasadam, everyone stood on the edge of the huge pit.

Slowly, the crane lowered the garland laden stone, and the applause that echoed was a preamble to the completion of this historic project.


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