Isha Kriya Week was launched on November 27th in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. These past few days have seen a massive awareness campaign on Isha Kriya in these cities with free Isha Kriya DVDs being distributed.

Bangalore has been picking up the pace steadily and Isha Kriya DVDs are being distributed thick and fast. People have been willing and open to attending sessions. In a few international and national conferences, they were even open to giving the DVD as complements to their invitees. Volunteers have seen that in educational institutions, even kids who were mischievous before the session began, are just drawn into it. Many of them just sit still with eyes closed even after the session ends.

Corporates have also welcomed volunteers to conduct sessions. It was heartening to see that many participants receive the DVD as a prasadam at the end of the session. People have even been asking for Kannada versions of the DVD.

Madhu Kashyap shares his experience of offering Isha Kriya at the Peoples Education Society (PES), a college of science, technology and management.

“What an overwhelming experience this was! Nothing but Sadhguru's Grace chose me to be a part of this session!

Firstly, the management of PES institutions definitely needs a big hand for their direction of reviving the human values through education! The director Mr. Sathyanarayan was really excited to meet us and was overjoyed to say the least when he got to know about Sadhguru, Isha and its activities!


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There were three sessions during the first half of the day covering around 1500 students in total. Every moment of being there and going through the session one after the other brought to my notice new shades of my ignorance! As I greeted each and every student with a Namaskaram, every bright young face either smiled or greeted me back with a Namaskaram or uttered 'Thank You Sir'!

I clearly felt that my impressions about my own self were washed away one more time consciously! This to me was Sadhguru's special prasadam of the day!

Apart from the above experience, the very privilege of introducing Isha to the youth and sharing my personal experience about my association with Isha is something that I can never express in words.”

Isha Kriya Week is all set to go into high gear in the next few weeks with Isha Kriya sessions planned throughout the city. Volunteers will be offering Isha Kriya at malls, tech-parks, temples, schools, bookstores and parks, to keep the momentum of the movement going. Crossword bookstores, Apollo pharmacies and Health and Glow outlets will also be distributing DVDs to customers.

We would like to thank our sponsors, GMR, Tulsyan, Emami, Apollo Hospitals, Bhel, BPCL, Crossword, Health and Glow and PVR Cinemas, for their heartwarming support in creating this possibility for the blossoming of humanity.

Sadhguru has often remarked that humanity has sufficiently explored the material realm and is right now overripe for a spiritual process. If you would like to try out or offer Isha Kriya to anybody, please visit the Isha Kriya website or for a free DVD, contact:

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