Integrity – Insight – Inclusiveness Conscious Capitalism Conference with Sadhguru in Mumbai


Under the motto, “Learning from Sustainable High Performance Organization,” the Conscious Capitalism Institute organized a conference from 9 to 10 March at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai. With an attendance of middle and senior level management from Corporate India, the conference had a variety of top level speakers including Kapil Sibal, Minister for Human Resource Development, Government of India, and Sadhguru as a key note speaker.

When Dr. Shubhro Sen, Executive Director, Conscious Capitalism Institute (CCI), welcomed and introduced Sadhguru, he remarked that the hall was brimming with a different kind of energy because of the Presence of the Master. Sadhguru captured the audience with his paradigm on leadership which he said is about being inclusive. He said that a leader is a person who has the ability to see what others cannot see, someone who can create a vision while the majority of people have aspirations but are not able to get where they want. Sadhguru summed it up by saying, “Integrity, insight and inclusiveness, these are three must qualities for a leader.” After a very involved and spirited Q&A session, he left the participants wanting more.