Earth Day was the perfect occasion to contribute and support Sadhguru’s vision to produce a million people who have the capability to impart simple yoga practices with the commitment to reach out to at least one hundred people.

California Isha Volunteers celebrated by creating the opportunity for nearly thousand people from different segments of society and multiple walks life to receive the wisdom of yogic sciences during free sessions offered in San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas.

Sessions were offered in various Silicon Valley companies such as Cisco Systems, Rubrik as well as community centers, temples, churches, gyms, and universities. The response from the participants were overwhelming and many shared about their experience of the session.

Sharings from participants

“I loved how practical the material was, I can do the practices everyday.” ~ Kathy Ong, San Francisco

“It was peaceful & sensational. Thank you for your time and sharing this concept.” ~ Lana Mars, Sacramento

“It was amazing. If one drop is worth so much, would like to explore more.” ~ Renukadevi, Fremont

“It was so joyful. I am so thankful to participate.” ~ Vishnupriya, San Jose

“Pleasant experience during neck practices. Extraordinary experience during guided meditation.” ~ Irma Casiple, Sunnyvale


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“I felt very relaxed. I have never been able to meditate on my own. This I didn't even realize until it was done.” ~ Anu, Santa Clara

Organizing the events was offered with the utmost care and precision to create a conducive and caring atmosphere for the participants to receive Sadhguru’s tools of transformation. Preparations began several weeks in advance. Hundreds of volunteers came forward to be trained and to support the Upa-Yoga sessions.

“It was a great privilege for me to facilitate one of the Yoga for Success sessions. This was the very first time I got the opportunity to be a part of such a profound and transformative program - it is all the grace of Sadhguru and the support of all the Bay Area volunteers and coordinators. Standing before the participants and offering the session gave me a feeling of immense responsibility and I could give it nothing less than my 100% because it is so powerful. The joy and satisfaction I experienced after the session cannot be put into words. I am extremely grateful and eagerly looking forward to many more volunteering opportunities to contribute towards Sadhguru's vision of a drop of spirituality for everyone” ~ Nikhila, Santa Clara

“I was uptight about facilitating. I can be nervous in front of groups. I got through the intro ok but was still nervous. A little while into the neck exercises, though, I suddenly felt myself relax. Actually, it felt to me like the whole room relaxed at once after doing a bit of Upa-Yoga. That was an amazing experience. I am so grateful to have felt it.” ~ Susan Purcell, Berkeley

Others volunteered for local promotional efforts to increase community awareness that included digital outreach as well as on-the-ground flyering. All avenues were explored and implemented to take this possibility to everyone around them.

“When a volunteer called us offering to host and take up a session in Antioch, we literally had to google to find out where this city was as we had never heard such a name before. It was so amazing to see volunteers from all over Northern California coming forward to bring this possibility to one and all. After the sessions, reading the experience of the participants, I was totally overwhelmed with gratitude to see so many people so deeply touched by this offering. I could not have asked for a better way to spend the Earth Day weekend.” ~ Ravi, San Jose

The events concluded leaving everyone inspired and looking forward to the next series of sessions. With International Day of Yoga just around the corner, the organizational groundwork is laid to offer Upa-Yoga on June 21st to touch many more lives in Northern California!

Editor’s Note: Check out the 5-minute tools of transformation that Sadhguru has created for Yoga Day, that anyone can practice. You can also join or host a workshop, or train to become a facilitator.