Double Rings, Triple Ton, Chepauk Magic

Two Isha meditators met by chance at the India versus England test match at Chepauk. The cricket match featured the historic triple ton from Karun Nair, with a spectacular victory for Team India, but they had something more precious to take away.
Double Rings, Triple Ton, Chepauk Magic

இரண்டு மோதிரங்கள், ஒரு முச்சதம்... சேப்பாக்கத்தில் ஒரு மேஜிக்!

MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

Ever since the first match fixing saga started, I stopped following cricket about 20 years back. Through our good friend, we got tickets for the just concluded India vs. England test match. I couldn't turn down the offer as they went out of their way to get us entry passes for the match. Didn't know I would experience magic through my snake ring at Chepauk.

Karun Nair (left) who made a historic triple ton at the India versus England test match at Chepauk

I went to watch the match at MAC and my husband, who was to join me there from elsewhere, got delayed. I went and sat in a row that had only one person seated right next to my seat. After about half an hour, this young boy suddenly asked me, "Neenga Isha meditator-aa?" (Are you an Isha meditator?), pointing at my finger ring. I happily said, "Yes!" as he raised his hand to flaunt his ring. When he said, "Akka, Namaskaram," the joy and bonding I felt was just indescribable! At first, I could barely respond. I just did Namaskaram and what a joyful short journey it turned out to be! None other than Sadhguru can get us to experience such states. A total stranger said, “Akka, Namaskaram,” and I felt like I was in ecstasy!

He mentioned how he reads all of Sadhguru blog articles. I said, because of the cyclone Vardah, there was no proper net connection and how I missed out on Sadhguru's quotes and articles. He said, "Akka, it is no big deal." He started talking about an app called “Pocket”. He uses it to download the articles from the blog and keeps them in his “Pocket” app to read whenever he finds time – even when he is offline. He said that in the last few dark powerless days, he used to read the articles from Sadhguru in utter darkness. Whenever power came, he would charge the mobile. Once the power was gone again, he was in Sadhguru's company. :-)

He instantly took my mobile, downloaded the app and ensured that I was equipped with the app and Sadhguru's words all the time.

We talked for more than 2 hours and didn't bother to find out each other's names. The only identity we both had was “Isha meditator” and that was enough for instant warmth, trust and bonding between us.

– Ranjani, Isha Meditator