After the hugely successful mega-programs in Tamil Nadu and Mysore, Bangalore is next on the map to receive Sadhguru’s Grace. Fueled by the intensity of the volunteers from Sadhguru’s home-state, the preparations are in full swing for the program scheduled to start next week. The Bangalore volunteers were blessed last week by Sadhguru’s visit and have taken up the work with added fervor and enthusiasm.

Sadhguru’s first program in Bangalore in more than two decades, the volunteers have left no venue untouched in their efforts to reach out to people about Sadhguru’s visit. From putting up hoardings, to distributing brochures, to organizing introductory talks, every possibility was explored – even placing adverts in local town buses!

Volunteers have been very eager to tell people about Sadhguru, who is immediately recognizable by people they approach. Bangalore being the hi-tech city that it is, facebook, google groups and twitter have all played their role in making the event happen.

Every evening you can find a new creature amongst the hustle and bustle of the Bangalore shopping arena – the Isha volunteer! Targeting the major shopping districts in the city, Isha volunteers have been trekking out every evening, hands laden with brochures to reach out about the program. The big draw is the specially designed brochure with Sadhguru’s quote, “If you don’t get out of your shell, you’re just a nut” – complete with an actual nut tied to one corner! Drawing broad smiles and sometimes peals of laughter, the experience immediately draws people closer and inspires curiosity about the program. One particularly eager band of volunteers went out for brochure distribution playing a drum and became an instant hit, handing out over 3,000 pamphlets in a single evening!

With just a few days to go, the Bangalore volunteers are all prepared for the Wave of Bliss to hit their city and are seeing that as many people are touched by it as possible.


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