E arlier last week, a team of Isha meditators, comprised of both resident volunteers and senior CEOs, got together for a very exciting and first of its kind brain-storming session at the Isha Yoga Center.

One of the world’s foremost authorities on leadership and management, Professor Dr. Ram Charan, was there in person, leading the session.

The professor spent long hours with the team, structuring the four-day Leadership Seminar and Workshop scheduled this November called “Insight - DNA of Success”, the very one that Sadhguru has been writing about!


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First in a series, this workshop is aimed at two hundred ambitious and committed entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs. Some of India’s most celebrated business leaders and top CEOs have enthusiastically signed up as resource persons for this event.

The Isha team was amazed at the rich experience and leadership lessons that emerged in these brainstorming sessions. Above all, the level of detail that went into designing each aspect of the workshop was truly impressive. Though the days started early and many of the participants had flown halfway across the globe to be there, their energy and fervor kept the team going through multiple sessions till it was time to catch the flight back home.

Isha is moving forward with major strides in the exciting field of Leadership Education. Sadhguru’s global vision for the event combined with the rich experience of the guides and the hungry minds of the participants is a sure recipe for success.

Stay tuned for more as we forge ahead!