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Snippets from Thanjavur Event


Weather reporter, Selvakumar, who predicted the landfall of Gaja cyclone and saved many lives took the stage in the Thanjavur event. He praised Sadhguru for his efforts in planting trees: “Sadhguru is doing a lot to fight climate change. It is because of him that the country hasn’t turned into a desert yet.” He added, “I would just like to explain how trees affect the weather. Trees directly contribute to rainfall. They also sequester water in underground aquifers.”

Sadhguru Speaks!


“A 12,000 year tradition of agriculture... whatever crop we planted here, it grew well. Because our ancestors kept the soil rich,” Sadhguru called to attention the history of our agriculture and how we have damaged the soil today. He emphasized the importance of leaving behind a fertile land for our children to grow, “If you love your child, giving chocolates and fawning over them is not it. You should leave behind fertile soil and water for them If you love them.”


Explaining the importance of the 242 crore trees, Sadhguru said, “9 to 12 trillion liters of water will be sequestered in the soil if these 242 crore trees are planted.” On a final note, he said, “With four main dams and more check dams, all the silt is stuck there, and the delta's richness is totally lost. Even if we can't change everything now, we should bring back vegetation and trees to make this soil rich. You know the problem and solution. I won't tell you what to do. If you can't do anything, at least make some noise.”



What were the Southern Sojourn participants up to today?

This serene and sunny morning, the participants enchant the surroundings with Guru pooja and their morning sadhana chants.


Space and location are not a constraint for our volunteers. When you are immersed in a spiritual process, a tent can be transformed into a meditation hut.



Living out of a solid colored number-coded bag 24X7- a participant tries to juggle through her stuff during morning preparations.


Powering up for the long day ahead with a healthy breakfast.



Yatra participants visited Kodumudi Magudeeswar Temple located near Cauvery river. There they meditated and enjoyed a “knee-length dip” in the water. They also saw local women washing saris in the river.


A participant enjoys the mid-day drink break to stay hydrated.The tender coconut shell is hard not tender, but once you dig deeper, there is a cheerful surprise.



Goat photobomb! Participants never miss a chance to mingle with the various forms of life.



They also spent some time in the powerful space where Sadhguru Shri Brahma once meditated in the past, and where in the present Sadhguru came to bless them with his presence.



Later they visited the Jambukeswarar Temple, which is a Pancha Bhuta Sthalam (one of the five element temples) for water. After drenching themselves in the water of Cauvery, they chanted in the spacious pavilions of the temple to receive the energy of the space.


Watch Sadhguru Live Now in Thanjavur!


Mr. S.V. Srinivasan, advocate, chairman of an FPO assured the participation of all directors and a few farmers of his FPO at the Thanjavur event.

Mr. S.V. Srinivasan, advocate

Cauvery Calling riders stop for a sweet hydrating break!


#CauveryCalling riders stop for a sweet hydrating break!

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About Thanjavur

Thanjavur is not only considered as the rice bowl, but it still holds the title of being the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu.

Thriving as the ancient capital of the Chola kingdom (one of the longest-ruling dynasties in history) followed by Marathas and Nayakas, Thanjavur became the hub of cultural and learning activities since its early days. Architectural experiments also took place, and great temples like Brihadeeshwar were born. Reaching a height of 63 feet, decorated with sculptures of Shiva and Devi, the temple follows the famous Dravidian architecture style, and was established to celebrate the victory of Chola kingdom.

"Sadhguru is a person of a beautiful heart I have 12 Siddhars at home, and have kept his photo among them. It is so wonderful that he has launched Cauvery Calling, as it is addressing the core our district. We are totally water distressed here in Thanjavur," says Bashah, the designated photographer at Svatma, where the participants are staying.

Bashah, the designated photographer at Svatma.

Aditya V. Jeswal, an architect by profession and yogi by spirit, came from Mumbai to participate in Cauvery Calling. He began by sharing his overall experience: “Never has there been a better opportunity for a human being to contribute to nature. Sadhguru has given us this chance, and it is my privilege to be able to ride with him for this cause. We are blessed to be with him.”

His experience of the Cauvery Calling campaign sprouted in the form of poetry.

Cauvery calling but no one's near
Looking for loved ones and those that are dear

Its shores are now barren, where once great forests lay
It's waters now empty, where crocodiles used to play

For millennia it roared through, from mountain to the sea
Now the waters beg to reach it, can't you hear her plea

What once was a deity, revered by all
Our greed sucked it dry, leaving it empty and small

Cauvery calling, it's time that we hear
Looking for loved ones and those that are dear

Open your ears and open your hearts
Let's bring back the forests, C’mon let's start!

Make the waters gush through again
And thirst be unknown again

Cauvery calling, we need to see
It all begins with just one tree.

Aditya V. Jeswal

Watch: Day 9 Highlights of Cauvery Calling

CauveryCalling began its second leg after a resounding success in Karnataka. The sea of blue spills into Tamil Nadu with Sadhguru leading from the front.

3:30pm - Short stop at Srirangam bridge, an iconic place along Cauvery. He describes how Cauvery should be throughout the year.

Snippets from Event in Kalaignar Arivalayam, Trichy

Senthilkumar, a farmer who practices agroforestry, took this chance to recapitulate how it has helped his life and how the farming methods helped to decrease the water requirement and increase the yield.

Senthilkumar, a farmer

MLA of the Tiruchirappalli West constituency, Mr. K. N. Nehru, being a farmer himself, spoke about his experiences with agroforestry. “I do farming in 300 acres of land. I was practicing agroforestry and I discontinued it. But now after looking at the videos and speaking to Sadhguru, I am going to begin agroforestry again.”

Mr. K. N. Nehru - MLA of the Tiruchirappalli West constituency

Mahesh Poyyamozhi, MLA of the Thiruverumbur constituency, urged the people to be part of Cauvery Calling. “We need to consider ‘Unity in Diversity’ at least for Cauvery Calling if not for anything else.” He pledged his support to Cauvery Calling, “You asked us to be a part of this for 12 years. Today I promise you that we will be part of it till we see the movement through.”

Mahesh Poyyamozhi - MLA of the Thiruverumbur constituency

Thirunavukkarasar, MP of the Trichy Constituency, spoke in favor of Cauvery Calling. “As a son of a farmer and being a farmer myself I happily welcome this initiative.” He said, “Sadhguru has taken up something that even the central and the state governments haven’t taken up and I wholeheartedly wish you all success.” He also reiterated the benefits of agroforestry.

Thirunavukkarasar - MP of the Trichy Constituency

Sadhguru Speaks!

“If the soil is fertile then it makes the people. If the people live well, it makes the state. The fundamental element to this are trees - I did not discover it, this has been so forever,” Sadhguru began. He spoke of the science behind the trees and rain. “Imagine having 1 crore trees in a particular place. There is a relationship between the canopy of the trees and the rain clouds. There is communication constantly happening between them. Because of this it rains only to the extent that the trees require. People think we are mad if we say this, but now it is being scientifically proven.” He spoke about the strength of our soil: “This soil can hold 8 times more water than all the water of the rivers in the world combined.”

Sadhguru emphasized the responsibility we have, “This is not my work. This is not an organization’s work. This is generational work. As a generation we must do this. If we fail in this, our future generation will look at us with resentment and not with respect. It is this generation’s responsibility.” Speaking of agroforestry, Sadhguru said, “This is like a lottery to the farmers.”

Sadhguru Speaks_0

Sitting in the first row at the event in Trichy, Michael Palmtree, a participant from Melbourne, Australia, burst forth in poetry:

He continues as he began
Just a boy on his motorcycle
The first time he wandered aimlessly
Staying awake for days at a time
A soul connected to the land on two wheels
Many thought he was mad, maybe they were right
Now he rides again
This time he doesn’t ride alone
A nation rides with him

About Trichy

With a profound history and sturdy pace of development Trichy or Tiruchirapalli is one of the busiest cities in Tamil Nadu.


The city has flourished since its inception that dates back to the second millennium BC, as two major rivers, Cauvery and Kollidam have been fulfilling the water needs of its people.The topology of this place is almost flat as only a few isolated hillocks rise above the surface. Rockfort is the highest of all, and its estimated age is 3,800 million years. It is older than the Himalayas and is one of the oldest rocks in the world. There is a secret tunnel under the Rockfort temple that connects it with the Thanjavur Brihadeeshwar temple. During earlier times, the kings used to use this tunnel as a passage to flee in case of a lost war.


Tiruchirapalli images courtesy, wikipedia.



Watch Sadhguru live now at the Kalaignar Arivalayam hall in Trichy

TAFCORN Event Snippets

TAFCORN Event-pic1

Sadhguru and crew roared into the TAFCORN farm, a venue fitting the cause.


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Senthilkumar, a farmer from Gobichettipalayam, reiterated the benefits of agroforestry from his own experience.”During one year of drought I got good produce in spite of irrigating just once in 21 days. The neighboring farms’ produce was affected in spite of irrigating once in 11 days,” he shared.



Actor Sarathkumar shared the conversation that he had with Sadhguru in the morning. “I asked Sadhguru about the water requirement for these agroforestry crops and Sadhguru said that the trees we plant will sequester the water into the soil.” He was in support of Cauvery Calling and said, “Agroforestry is for the future. We should join hands with Sadhguru to make this initiative a success.”


O. P. Raveendranath Kumar, MP of the Theni constituency, spoke about Cauvery’s significance. “One place where Cauvery greatly impacts Tamil Nadu is this region of Trichy and Thanjavur.” He went on to speak about how this a 12 year commitment. “This is not something that we talk about today in this event and forget tomorrow. This is something we should see through to ensure wellbeing for our future generations.” He has pledged to raise 1 crore saplings in 1 year and donate it for the cause.



S. Valarmathi, Minister for Backward Classes and Minority Welfare, said, “This is the time to answer Cauvery's Call. She's been calling us for many years. But we are paying heed only now with Sadhguru's reminder.” She spoke about how Cauvery is the most important life source for us.


Vellamandi N. Natarajan, Minister for Tourism, reminisced about their part in Rally for Rivers, “The memory of participating in Rally for Rivers at Trichy is still fresh in our minds. Now we are participating in this is to implement this for Cauvery.” He also spoke about the future plans of the government to support this cause. “We will take this to the attention of the Chief Minister to make the necessary policy changes to facilitate this.”




When Sadhguru finally took the mic, he spoke about the 12,000 year old tradition of agriculture that this land has. He explained how the delta regions are on the verge of death, “The delta region's richness is being lost as the silt and alluvial soil is not reaching it the way it happened in the past. It settles in the dams and check dams and barrages. So it doesn’t reach the delta anymore. The people in the delta have to begin making manure for themselves.”



He made a strong point about agroforestry. “Agroforestry is not just about planting trees. It is a science of what trees to plant in what type of soil, what type of crops should be introduced between what type of trees. So, for that, we will be conducting training programs to help implement this across the Cauvery basin.”

Finally, Sadhguru made a request to the people of Trichy, “I am planning for 1200 volunteers for 3 years. Whenever they come to your place you should see to it that you provide them with food. They won’t ask you for food. You have to look at their faces to see if they have eaten and feed them.”

Watch: Tea, A Banyan Tree and A Mystic

Sipping a cup of tea under a mighty banyan tree, the mystic conveys his regard and blessings to the ultimate custodians of the soil - the rural people of the nation.


Tea, A Banyan Tree and A Mystic

Sipping a cup of tea under a mighty banyan tree, the mystic conveys his regard and blessings to the ultimate custodians of the soil - the rural people of the nation. #CauveryCalling

Posted by Sadhguru on Friday, 13 September 2019


Enter Sadhguru... A grand welcome with drums, singing and chanting, at TAFCORN, venue of today's first event in Trichy.



Missed out on what’s been happening on the campaign?

We have 31 little video bytes for you here to give you a virtual experience! Bookmark it - it will be updated throughout the day!

Watch Sadhguru Live Now in Trichy!


11:30am - The riders and Sadhguru have reached the event venue in TAFCORN with a roar.


Tamil Nadu Forest Plantation Corporation Limited (TAFCORN) was formed on 13th June 1974 with headquarters at Trichy, Tamil Nadu, with the objective of raising, maintaining and harvesting forest plantation on sustained yield basis on commercial scale to meet the demand of local industries and people. Government of Tamil Nadu have leased out 71,540.56 ha. of Reserved Forest. Learn more here.

At Kulithalai bypass, in the scorching heat, men, women, from nearby areas and children from Siddharth Public School, Kulithalai, gather to welcome Sadhguru with flowers and traditional offerings.

An exhilarated assembly of people at Karur send Sadhguru off with celebrations and chants.

Watch: Actor Sarathkumar zipping off with Sadhguru - off to Trichy!


Actor Sarathkumar zipping off with Sadhguru - off to Trichy! #CauveryCalling #CauveryDiaries

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11:55am - School students wait to cheer on the riders, just a few minutes before reaching the tollway on the way to Trichy.




GenNext of Tamil Nadu and primary beneficiaries of CauveryCalling make their support evident with loud cheers.


GenNext of Tamil Nadu and primary beneficiaries of #CauveryCalling make their support evident with loud cheers.

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Watch: On the roads of Erode... CauveryCalling mode!

Onwards to day 3 in Tamil Nadu to revitalize Mother Cauvery.

10:25am - Sadhguru and the riders take a hydration break and drink up some refreshing tender coconut water, off the highway near Karur.




No matter where, people can’t help but gravitate towards him. Sadhguru and his coterie, was stopped twice, halfway by enthusiastic people who gathered to witness the Mystic in action.




Padma Shri S. K. M. Maeilanandhan, founder of the SKM Group of Companies, was part of yesterday’s event at Erode. He expressed his enthusiasm about Cauvery Calling. Today, following the founder’s footsteps, employees of the SKM Group of Companies have contributed 10,000 trees to Cauvery Calling, before Sadhguru left on the next leg of the ride. Sadhguru expressed his gratitude before hitting the road.




9:10am - Actor Sarathkumar and Theni MP Raveendranath Kumar joined Sadhguru on the stretch from Erode to Trichy.


Gearing up for the ride!

We caught them revving up their bikes to get started on yet another busy day.



About Nattatreshwarar Temple

The picturesque Nattatreshwarar Temple (meaning “Shiva in the middle of the river”) is located on a hillock island in Cauvery. This marks the center point of the river – equidistant from her origin and her delta at the ocean.


9:05am - Sadhguru is now on his way to Trichy (Tiruchirapalli)!



Life at ease: Sadhguru was riding in the rain towards Nattatreshwarar temple located in one of the islands of Cauvery. Sadhguru said this linga was consecrated by Sage Agastya. After visiting the temple, he stood among the participants with folded hands and tears rolling down his cheeks for some time. Participants had the fortune of being in satsang with him at this sacred place later in the evening. He asked all to have darshan of the linga before leaving.



After a whirlwind of a day and 2 events later, Sadhguru and his convoy went to the Nattatreshwarar Temple on a river island in Cauvery. Sadhguru was welcomed into the city by the people.



Welcoming Sadhguru with a Poorna Kumbh!


Sadhguru at the Natadreeswarar Temple, a temple dedicated to Shiva from a linga made by Agastya Muni.

The participants got to be part of satsang at the temple with the Yogi. Sadhuguru looked every bit the Mystic he is and just as intense.


Drowning in bliss!


Yesterday, the conovy went through Erode. 

A volunteer shares: 

“At every place we arrive in, the enthusiasm of people seems higher and higher. The entry into the Erode venue was a spectacle that anyone on this ride will never forget. Hundreds of school students, youth, adults had lined up on both sides of the road for a more than 1 kilometer stretch. Shouts of joy and love reverberated in the entire space. Obviously it was an ordeal for the volunteers to have Sadhguru enter the hall and be able to walk to his seating space, but it was amazing to witness the thrill of the youth, the children jumping in joy, and the adults standing with love, and the elderly having tears of devotion. The tsunami of Sadhguru is unstoppable, nothing can cloud the shining rays of clarity of a Mystic.”

About Erode 

Also known as ‘Turmeric City’, it has a vast and rich history with many different dynasties ruling the place from time to time. Before the war of Marathas, Erode flourished under the rule of Hyder Ali in the 18th century. He was well known for his military skills and administrative acumen. Afterward, people started leaving their homes for a better life. They started moving back to Erode during British rule. Agricultural trade flourished, and it became a hub for agricultural practices due to the fertile soil. 

There are various temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu that depict the legends of Erode, as one of the most beautiful places back in the tenth century.