Over 1000 Participate in Inner Engineering with Sadhguru in Delhi

16th December 2010...the day many had worked towards in the last several months was finally here! Delhi was hosting the so far largest Inner Engineering program to be held anywhere in the world, with over 1000 participants. The venue had been set in the Thyagaraj Indoor Stadium, a sports complex built during the Common Wealth Games of 2010. As volunteers started trickling in from the morning of the 16th, taking on different activities from cleaning to dining, registration to hall set up, the entire space could slowly be felt transforming from a space of simple physical action and roaring crowds to one of warmth, stillness and enormous intensity.

An hour before the beginning of the program, music from Sounds of Isha started filling the corridors. Participants, came in, a bit cautious in their movements, with curiosity in their eyes. Many had registered online for the program on the Isha Foundation website. As one observed the entire registration process happening so smoothly, so silently, such a large number of people patiently standing in queues – a rare concept in the City of Delhi – it seemed like a large orchestra had been set in place, each of the instruments in tune, in harmony with the other.

With 1005 people sitting on chairs, Sadhguru walked on the dais, allowing everyone to see him clearly. All – the sceptical, the devotional, the investigators – heard him in rapt attention,trying to make sense of this person who seemed so logical, yet so profoundly mysterious in his ways. With intrigue and curiosity, a pleasant smile on many of their faces, the participants left after the first three-hour session. A chord had been struck for many, yet they didn’t know what they had just stepped into.

In the following days, the stiffness and wall of self-protection that many had worn on the first day mellowed into a feeling of ease and trust. On Sunday, the initiation day, one could see that people had really opened up as Sadhguru kept everyone roaring with his sharp wit and funny anecdotes, effortlessly leading them towards the initiation process.

As the initiation of Shambhavi Maha Mudra began, the possibility and enormity of what was being offered started becoming too huge to understand or comprehend. A new energy seemed to fill the hall and the people. Later, as they came out for lunch, one could clearly see many had been deeply touched; many lives would not be the same again.

On the last day, even after the program had ended with song and dance, many stayed back in silence for a long time, as if pulled by something that just didn’t let them leave.

Some of the sharings from the participants(HPCL employees):


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Before doing Inner Engineering Programme, I was restless when faced with multiple tasks on hand. Now, I am more calm and able to focus on one task at a time.
Ms. Priya Panjawani,
ManagerCSC, LPG, HPCL, Delhi.

I was having severe lower back pain before doing Inner Engineering programme in mid December, 2010. The programme was so powerful that even during the programme I had a breakthrough in my lower back pain! I could sit throughout the programme on all four days without any pain and carry out the various processes some of which required sitting on the floor for two to three hours. I am practicing the Shambhavi Kriya gifted in the programme, continuously morning and evening without a break. I am experiencing little or no back pain now, more balance and composure in my outlook.
Project (Evacuation), HPCL, Delhi

I find a distinct change in my outlook to the people, situations and feel immense inward peace.
Mr. T K Jha
Manager, GGSRPEP,HPCL, Delhi.

Earlier I used to worry more and used to be concerned about what others say about me. After doing Inner Engineering programme I am more focused on what I am and feel more happy and refreshed than earlier.
Ms Shweta Singh
Project Engineer, GGSRPEP,HPCL, Delhi.

It has been very nice and the correction programme conducted after 15 days of Inner Engineering Programme has benefited me in correcting my mistakes. It has boosted my self confidence and I find myself more relaxed now.
Mr. Rajesh Dua
Manager, E&P,HPCL, Delhi.

The Programme is wonderful and I am mentally very happy. I am practicing the Shambhavi Kriya regularly & expect the results will be beneficial to me.
Mr. Surjit Gorain
Officer, E& P, HPCL, Delhi.

I feel more at peace, more patient & a feeling of happiness.
Mrs. Anju Mishra
Manager,LPG, Delhi.

I have been doing regular Practice of Shambhavi Yoga Mudra twice a day. On 3 days due to deep Involvement on professional front & being out of station, could not do so. On these 3 days I was finding myself Energy less. Suddenly I find my Energy Level is shooting up day by day post Inner Engineering.
Mr. M.K.Chandna
Chief ManagerSHE (POL), HPCL, Delhi.

I find a Positive change in my behaviour & interaction with various strata of life.
Mr. K.K. Goel
Manager HR, HPCL,Delhi.
A silent revolution is happening in Delhi, and we have become part of it.Sadhguru’s words started ringing in the air,
A world full of love, light and laughter...its time has come.
Its time had definitely come, and its impact will multiply.