On a cool winter morning on December 8, Isha held the first Annual Celebrity Charity Golf Jaunt at Jaypee Greens Golf Course, Greater Noida. Proceeds from the event benefit Isha Vidhya – Isha’s education initiative for rural children in Tamil Nadu .

Celebrity participants included well known designers Nikhil Mehra and Rohit Gandhi, Ratan Jindal, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Jindal Stainless Group of Companies, cricketer Nikhil Chopra, Governor of Arunachal Pradesh General JJ Singh, Vikram Bakshi, MD McDonald’s India, and Vikram Baidyanath , CEO Baidyanath Group .

One of the participants at the Jaunt shared, “I was stunned, touched and above all thrilled and excited to have received the invitation to play golf for a charity game for Isha Vidhya. This is a project very close to my heart and my response was an immediate “Yes” to the invitation. My heartfelt thanks to Sadhguru for the invitation to the game and I feel so happy and proud that I was a part of this campaign that was organized to enhance the visibility of Isha Vidhya in the public eye.

Seeing so many people reach into their pockets and help these children is one of the most moving things, and seeing the joy this brings to the little faces and hearts is truly unsurpassable. Till today I find it difficult to speak to others about Isha Vidhya without feeling a lump in my throat. Let us reach out and help these children. They are ours after all.”

“With what you get, you can make a living. Only with what you give, you can make a life”

Following the tournament, Sadhguru gave a public talk titled “Evening With The Mystic.” The talk was conducted in a unique format with Mr. Shantanu Prakash, Chairman of Educomp, and Dr. Sanjeev Chaudhary, CEO Super Religare Laboratories, sharing the dais with Sadhguru. In the tête-à-tête that followed, Mr. Shantanu Prakash asked Sadhguru various questions about education in general, and especially the scenario in India. Sadhguru spoke about the need to introduce proper vocational education for the large numbers of children from economically challenged backgrounds. He stressed that education should not be restricted to what we learn in the classroom and spoke about the Isha Home School at the Isha Yoga Center. Later, Dr. Sanjeev Chaudhary asked Sadhguru about various aspects of human health. Sadhguru spoke about the breath, and said that in yoga, the breath is known as Koorma Nadi. He remarked on the incredibly fragile yet unbelievably sturdy nature of the human being, saying that if just the next inhalation didn’t happen, that was it! Sadhguru also explored the importance of proper posture and spoke about asanas and Hata Yoga.

Hopefully, the jaunt will create the necessary awareness amongst the public who are in a position to help the children of Isha Vidhya.


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